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Interpreting Slavery at National Trust Historic Sites

Visitors watching " Liberty to Go to See " at Cliveden. | Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation Fifteen years ago, Susan Schrieber, who was then the National Trust’s director of interpretation and education for its historic sites, wrote an article entitled ...

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Preservation in the 21st Century: Change Is the Constant

The preservation movement’s most important piece of legislation—the National Historic Preservation Act —will mark its 50th anniversary in 2016. That same year, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks—often called America’s best idea. Chief Preservation Officer David Brown...

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Help! The Highway Is Coming! Highway Expansion and Historic Sites

A century ago, the Virginia section of Route 1 was a dusty two-lane auto trail, winding its way along the state’s coastline. Today, however, in northern Virginia, it is a fearsome beast of four, heavily travelled lanes of traffic, lined by gas stations, strip shopping plazas, and apartment...

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Innovation and Historic House Museums: The All American House at Woodlawn Plantation

The parlor of Woodlawn Plantation as it appeared before the All American House project. | Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation The winning design by UNCG students of the Woodlawn parlor.| Credit: David Wilson Take a close look at the two photos...

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Restored Woodlawn Windows: Before and After

Following our post on Friday we received numerous requests for more before-and-after images of the window restoration project at Woodlawn. We put together the slideshow below with additional images to show more of the restoration work. The first six photographs illustrate the windows before...

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Restored Woodlawn Windows Ready for Another 100 Years

Reinstalled windows on the north west façade shown with the operable windows in the closed position on the first floor. | Credit: Ashley Wilson The windows at Woodlawn, arguably the most elegant architectural feature of the residence, have been fully restored in the woodworking shop of...

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