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Interview with New US/ICOMOS Executive Director Andrew Potts

of US/ICOMOS. Several years ago, when...countries. This led him to join US/ICOMOS...take the reins of US/ICOMOS. Although...US/ICOMOS has its office in Dupont Circle...ICOMOS 50 years ago this year. The UNESCO

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A Preservation Charter for the Historic Towns and Areas of the U.S.

of Conservation; and the 1987 ICOMOS...published here. The 1987 ICOMOS Charter,, was adapted in 1992 by the US/ICOMOS...PREAMBLE US/ICOMOS believes that the...ICOMOS Charter on the Conservation of

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RE: Any recommendations for reading material?

only follow ICOMOS and the World Green

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PastForward Preview: The Culture-Nature Approach at World Heritage Sites

/ICOMOS) around one of the main conference...with a US/ICOMOS symposium called Forward...Douglas C. Comer, chair of the US/ICOMOS board.../ICOMOS, which fosters heritage conservation

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Keeping History Above Water in Annapolis

/ICOMOS has also hosted a Knowledge Exchange...change and cultural heritage with US/ICOMOS...#DisasterRelief #DisasterResponse #US/ICOMOS

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A Planner Looks at Preservation in China (or the Simulacrum Thereof)

where, at the invitation of ICOMOS China...ICOMOS held its 15th General Assembly and...ICOMOS delegation reflected about the jarring...reflects the experience of our group of ICOMOS...#International #US/ICOMOS

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Industrial Heritage Resources

! -- Ashley Wheeler US/ICOMOS IEP Intern Graduate