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Keeping History Above Water in Annapolis

By Carlo Urmy The second Keeping History Above Water conference —held October 29 through November 1 in Annapolis, Maryland—again brought attendees from around the world together to discuss the impact of sea level rise on historic coastal communities. The first conference, organized by the ...

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A Missing Lesson from Charlottesville: Heritage as a Driver of Inclusion

In the last few weeks, “heritage” has trended on social media and in popular discourse more than at any other time in recent history. It started when violence flared on the streets of Charlottesville, ostensibly over the fate of an outdoor bronze equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee. The images...

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A Planner Looks at Preservation in China (or the Simulacrum Thereof)

In October 2005, I had the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Xi’an, where, at the invitation of ICOMOS China, ICOMOS held its 15th General Assembly and Scientific Symposium. This marked the second General assembly in Asia; the first was held in Sri Lanka in 1993. The theme of the...

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Interview with New US/ICOMOS Executive Director Andrew Potts

By Elizabeth Byrd Wood Image via Bohol Restoration Group . Many Forum members might be familiar with Andrew Potts’ work as a tax guy. He knows real estate tax law inside and out. He has spoken and written extensively on the federal rehabilitation tax credit and is...

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