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Winter 2003 Forum Journal: Cities, Suburbs & Countryside

​ Table of Content * Bringing the Preservation Message to Broader Audiences by Richard Moe * A Welcome to Cleveland by Mayor Jane L. Campbell * Protecting Historic Resources Through Partnerships by Fran P. Mainella * Preserving the Full Scope of America’s Past by Rodney J. Reynolds...


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Summer 2004 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

Table of Content * Marketing the Preservation Message by Gerald L. Baliles * Rallying Support for Resources from the Recent Past by Jeanne Lambin and Adrian Scott Fine * The Oversimplification of Gentrification by Donovan D. Rypkema * Issue-Based Preservation: The Prairie Churches of...


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Summer 2006 Forum Journal: Investing in Our Rural Heritage

​ Table of Content Introduction: Investing in Our Rural Heritage by Richard Moe Rural Development Trends and Opportunities for Historic Preservation by James Lindberg A New Approach to Rural Preservation: Observation 27 Years Later by Lisbeth Cort New Life for Iowa's Small Towns Thanks to a...


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Winter 2009 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

Table of Content Taking a "Grass-Tops" Approach to Lobbying by Paul Bruhn, Myrick Howard, and Gregory Paxton Overcoming Challenges to Community-Centered Schools by Renee Kuhlman Factory Farms: A Bad Choice for Rural America by Jennifer Sandy Rosebud and Wolf Mountains...

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Winter 2010 Forum Journal: Heritage-Based Rural Development

Heritage-based rural development helps build sustainable communities and strengthens regional economies through the conservation, reuse, and promotion of historic and cultural assets. The Winter 2010 issue of the Forum Journal includes seven articles that provide a perspective on current...


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Fall 2010 Forum Journal: Bridging Land Conservation and Historic Preservation

“Historic preservationists and land conservationists each have knowledge and tools that can really benefit the other when it comes to preserving whole places. We simply need to spend time getting to know one another and looking out for opportunities to collaborate.” Table of Contents ...


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Teaching Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in American Samoa

The edges of our country are eroding. From Alaska to Louisiana,centuries of culture, tangible history, and dynamic communities arebeing battered by stronger storms and sea level rise—raising difficultquestions about adaptation, relocation, and what it means to be anAmerican experiencing climate...

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For Small-Town Activists, Unity Spells Success

In August 1995 Guilford, Connecticut, a small, quiet, still-rural town located some 15 miles east of New Haven, won national headlines for doing the improbable. Town officials chose to pass up nearly $1 million in federal and state highway development funds. The reason: accepting the funds would...

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Barn lovers are a dedicated group. They will spend hours in a dark room on a beautiful day looking at slides of barns and swapping photographs and stories. They will endure freezing temperatures in unheated haymows studying the structural systems of post and beam barns or marveling at the...

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BARN AGAIN! Sees Progress, Continuing Challenges

BARN AGAIN! began as a regional project by the Mountains/ Plains Office of the National Trust. It was 1987, when the country was in the midst of a severe farm crisis. Barn owners were being told by agricultural engineers, extension agents, banks, and fellow farmers to demolish their old barns --...