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Winter 2007 Forum Journal: Making Preservation Work!

​Table of Content President’s Report by Richard Moe The Bidwell Training Center and Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild: Building an Environment that Nurtures Hope by William E. Strickland, Jr. The “Not So Big” Approach to Creating a Sense of Home by Sarah Susanka Values and Creativity in the Art...

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What Market Studies Tell Us About Revitalization (June 22, 2016 | Forum Webinar)

Community developers have recognized that creating housing is not enough, and many now invest in other critical assets to support vibrant communities. They increasingly use market conditions and typologies to help make decisions about where and how to invest. Join Danielle Lewinski, Mike Powe,...

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The Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities and Why It Matters (May 31, 2016 | Forum Webinar)

The Action Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities lays out a creative, collaborative framework for getting things done. Its focus? Making preservation a more effective and valuable partner in revitalizing neighborhoods and cities that face high vacancy and concentrated poverty....

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Preserving Wisconsin’s Civic Legacy, A Guide to Rehabilitation and Reusing Local Government Properties

This booklet, created by the National Trust’s former Midwest Office in 2010, with funding from the Jeffris Family Foundation of Janesville, Wis., is designed to help municipalities save and reuse their historic buildings. #Rehabilitation #community #AdaptiveUse #RealEstate ...


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Dealing with Vacant Storefronts

Anyone who has traveled beyond his or her front door has seen examples of vacant, neglected, and run-down properties. There is no true or consistent definition of a vacant property or an abandoned building, yet we know them when we see them. The National Vacant Property Campaign states that...

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The Bidwell Training Center and Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild

Life has a way of celebrating itself. Stanley Lowe [National Trust vice president, community revitalization] and I went to elementary school together. Arthur Zeigler [executive director, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation] and I became friends in the ’60s, and I later got to meet ...

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President`s Report 2007

We meet in a city that is the very symbol of reinvention. For us, Pittsburgh is also a living laboratory—the place where preservation pioneers have developed and perfected many of the techniques that are now part of every preservationist’s toolkit. I encourage you to take full...

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Revitalizing Downtown 1976-1986

revitalizing downtowns across America has been a part of the nation`s agenda for 40 years. Sometimes, as in the case of Urban Renewal and Urban Development Action Grants (UDAGs), the federal government has taken the lead. At other times, state and local governments have led the way, launching...

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Urban Downtown Revitalization and Historic Preservation: Meeting the Challenges of the 1900s

The recent change of administration in Washington has raised the expectations of observers and practitioners of urban downtown revitalization. Appointments of advocates of federal assistance to key positions in the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other agencies offers hope for...

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Growing Right: The Role of Downtowns in Saving America`s Countryside

Oregon, like many western and southern states, is facing the concomitant pressures of rapid population growth and rural economic transition. Unfortunately, the challenge of protecting our environment while finding jobs for our people is often characterized as a battle between environmentalists...