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Talking World Heritage in Granada

Editor's note: For more on Brian Turner's presentation in Grenada r ead his previous post , in which he discusses intangible heritage preserved through the San Francisco Legacy Business Program. The 2018 International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development had global...

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Historic Places, Green Spaces: Teaching Preservation in Miami

In an effort to increase community awareness and engage young minds in historic preservation, the Dade Heritage Trust , Miami-Dade County’s largest historic preservation organization, developed a Florida curriculum standards–based program called Historic Places, Green Spaces. Funded through...

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Fall 2000 Forum Journal: Our Post-War Past

​ Table of Contents When Sprawl Become Historic by Richard Moe Establishing Civilization on the Suburban Frontier by Charlene Roise Convergence: Commercial Advertising, the Automobile and Economic Freedom by Ted J. Ligibel The Extraordinary Postwar Suburb by Richard Longstreth ...


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Fall 2004 Forum Journal: Challenges and Opportunities in Heritage Education

​ Table of Contents Heritage Education and Historic Preservation: Partners or Acquaintances? by Max A. van Balgooy Heritage Education–Louisiana: Developing a Model for Teacher Training by Sheila Richmond Teaching with Historic Places Looks Back, Looks Forward by Carol D. Shull ...