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The Significance of a Written Record: Interpreting the James Brice House

By Willie Graham The Brice House and the accompanying record of James Brice’s accounts leave tantalizing clues about his bid to rise through the elite society of Annapolis, Maryland, late in the colonial era. Interior of the Brice House | Credit: Willie Graham James Brice’s father,...

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Keeping History Above Water: Postcards from the Edge

By Victoria Herrmann This is Part 1 of a series covering the Keeping History Above Water conference which took place April 10–13 in Newport, Rhode Island. [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 ] Credit:...

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[Q&A] Nell Ziehl, Maryland Historical Trust on Preservation and Climate Change

Nell Ziehl on the Annapolis waterfront. | Credit: Nell Ziehl Originally Posted February 4, 2016 Nell Ziehl is the chief of planning, education and outreach for the Maryland Historical Trust and has worked in historic preservation for more than 15 years. A former student of Mesopotamian...

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Summer 2015 Forum Journal: High Water and High Stakes: Cultural Resources and Climate Change

The summer issue of the Forum Journal looks at climate change and sea level rise and what they mean for historic resources now and in the future. Discover what communities are doing to mitigate the effects of sea level rise, and find out about changes to the National Flood Insurance Program and...


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Summer 2015 Forum Journal: High Water and High Stakes

It is time to pick up the tab. Anthony Veerkamp, one of the contributors to the summer issue of the Forum Journal , is not talking about the bar tab. He is referring instead to the “climate change tab.” In his article, he talks about mitigation versus adaptation and urges preservationists to...

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The Future of Historic Places and Climate Change

By Adam Markham In the weeks leading up to PastForward, the 2014 National Preservation Conference, we've asked experts to set the stage for this year's four tracks. In this post, Adam Markham, the director of the Climate Impacts Initiative at the Union of Concerned Scientists, addresses...

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Confronting Climate Change in Annapolis

Annapolis City Dock | Credit: Amy E. McGovern There is a “short list” of common threats for those in the business of protecting historic places. For decades, fighting the good fight could typically be classified by one of several categories, including things like insensitive...

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