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The Missing Key: A Study of the Impact and Potential of the Pennsylvania State Historic Tax Credit

With the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Tax Credit PA-HPTC set to expire in 2020, this timely study examined the impacts and effectiveness of historic tax credit projects that utilized the PA-HPTC, the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit, or both. This study also compares the PA-HPTC to other...

The Missing Key- A Study of the Impact and Potential of the Pennsylvania State Historic Tax Credit.pdf

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Forum Webinar: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

Last week the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Government Relations department, the National Trust Community Investment Corporation’s (NTCIC) , and Main Street America cohosted Preservation Leadership Forum’s most recent Forum Webinar , which explored both the opportunities and...

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Slide Deck: Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community

This is the slide deck for the joint Forum and Public Policy Webinar "Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community" that took place on January 17, 2019. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives

January 2019 Webinar on Opportunity Zones - FINAL PPT - To Share.pdf

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Opportunity Zones and the Preservation Community (January 17, 2019 | Forum & Public Policy Joint Webinar)

Learn about the “opportunities” and potential issues for preservation presented by the new federal incentive called Opportunity Zones. #Economics #Planning #ReUrbanism #taxincentives

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Opportunity Zones Come Into Focus

By now, you’ve probably heard about Opportunity Zones, but you may still not be sure whether to be excited, alarmed, or indifferent regarding their implications for your community. That’s no surprise—depending on whom you ask, Opportunity Zones constitute either the most significant federal...

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Spring 2000 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Contents: Remembering Louise Crowninshield by Kim Burdick The French Have a Word for It by Anthony Veerkamp How Preservationists Can Use Public Opinion Surveys on Sprawl by Elizabeth Pianca Urban Revitalization: When Rehab Grows Up by Lisa Burcham City Renewal is...


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Historic Tax Credit Legislative Update: June 2017

Tax Reform Update While all eyes in Washington are on a possible Senate vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in July, tax reform is being crafted largely behind the scenes. White House economic advisor Gary Cohn recently commented that the “gang of six”—Cohn, Treasury...

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Wisconsin Historic Tax Credit Reports

This April 2017 report analyzed 118 Wisconsin historic tax credit projects that occurred between 2014 and 2016. These projects received contracts for more than $171,095,000 of Wisconsin historic tax credits. Based upon the information provided, Baker Tilly analyzed for 118 Wisconsin historic tax...

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