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Fall 2005 Forum Journal: Preservationists Debate the Recent Past

Table of Contents The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Preservationists Debate the Recent Past by Jennifer Emerson and Martin L. J. Newman Remembering Our Not-So-Distant-Past: Some Thoughts Three Decades Later by Chester H. Liebs Saving the Recent Past – A Philosophical and Practical...

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Modern & Recent Past Heritage Booklets

TrustModern, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Modernism + Recent Past program (2008-2012) through 2009 and 2010 convened of a series of Modern Modules to increase public awareness and appreciation of our nation’s rich more recent built environment. The Modules were...

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Preserving Resources from the Recent Past

Love them or hate them, there’s no question that “modern” buildings of the post-war era (1940s to ’60s) transformed cities, towns, suburbs, and landscapes throughout the country. Now preservationists need to take a serious look at these resources—too new to be...

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Summer 2010 Forum Journal: Modernism + the Recent Past

Now that we are fully ensconced in the 21st century, the preservation movement cannot afford to alienate emerging constituencies that are passionate about saving buildings and landscapes from the recent past, whether the rallying cry is for a suburban ranch house, a post office constructed of...


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Winter 2013 Forum Journal Modern Landscape Architecture: Presentation and Preservation

This Forum issue focuses on the critical task of preserving Modern landscape architecture, which plays an important, but often unappreciated, role in our communities. Contributors tackle the broader issues surrounding the preservation of these sites and examine two case studies—Mellon Plaza in...


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I Can`t See It; I Don`t Understand It; And It Doesn`t Look Old to Me

The champions of modern architecture seldom missed an opportunity to ridicule the past. At best, the past was treated as a closed book whose chapters had mercifully ended with little bearing upon the present. But often the past was portrayed as an evil. Both buildings and cities created since...

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The Extraordinary Post-War Suburb

Extraordinary is among the least likely adjectives that would come to most people`s minds in describing the vast residential subdivision tracts developed throughout the metropolitan periphery coast to coast between the late 1940s and the mid 1960s.( See Note 1 ) Virtually from the start, the...

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Name That Style! Vocabulary for the Recent Past

Twenty years ago, when I prepared National Register nominations for a state historic preservation office, I knew all those terms for building parts and styles. I can close my eyes and imagine an "italianate commercial building" or a "gothic chapel" or "american four-square home." But could I...

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No Longer Invisible: Googie Coffee Shops

by Alan Hess The PLF blog will feature a series of posts exploring modernist sites and efforts to preserve them. Join our top-notch blog contributors as they take you from Tucson’s Sunshine Mile to Googie coffee shops. We think you will enjoy the journey. Before you can preserve a...

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