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PastForward Reading List: Intangible Heritage

: intangible heritage, culture-nature, and...through the intangible heritage theme...continuity. The intangible heritage track will

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Forum Journal Seeking Articles About Intangible Heritage

example of intangible heritage that should be...strategies to protect intangible heritage—the...approaches to preserving intangible heritage and

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Intangible Heritage Livestream: Questions/Discussions for Viewing Party

intangible heritage. I plan on following the...including intangible heritage. It is a solutions

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New Voices Call for Change: Interviews with Diversity Scholars

This video is enhanced content for the Spring 2014 issue of Forum Journal: Imagining a More Inclusive Preservation Program. At the 2013 National Preservation Conference six Diversity Scholars were interviewed about their work. For more information about Preservation Leadership Forum click...

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Mobilizing to Sustain San Francisco’s Living History

By Desiree Smith and Mike Buhler Although Marcus Books was declared a City Landmark in January 2014, the designation could not prevent the eviction of the business and its owners. The City is now working with the owners of Marcus...

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Cultural Heritage at the Living Heritage Symposium

intangible heritage. The TrustLive on Friday...“intangible heritage” and “living heritage”? In...intangible heritage taken together. What unique...for many, is the same as intangible

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A Missing Lesson from Charlottesville: Heritage as a Driver of Inclusion

Intangible Heritage Taking inclusion seriously...toward valuing both tangible and intangible...heritage. And while conserving buildings alone

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