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Summer 2007 Forum Journal: Viewpoints

​Table of Contents Introduction by Richard Moe Obey the Imperatives of Our Own Moment: A Call for Quality Contemporary Design in Historic Districts by de Teel Patterson Tiller “Differentiated” and “Compatible”: Four Strategies for Additions to Historic Settings by Steven W....

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Spring 2008 Forum Journal: America's Historic Sites at a Crossroads

Table Of Contents Introduction: The Call for a National Conversation by James Vaughan Historic House Museums: An Embarrassment of Riches? by Marian A. Godfrey Crisis or Transition? Diagnosing Success at Historic Sites by Max A. van Balgooy Funding the Fundamentals by...

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Existential and Evolving: Women’s History at National Trust Sites

In this post, which concludes the Forum Blog series about women's history and historic preservation, Katherine Malone-France examines the evolving nature of women's history at National Trust for Historic Preservation historic sites. Interested in discussing this post with other readers?...

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The Ghost of Kit Carson: Women’s History Along the Santa Fe Trail

By Bonnie J. Clark The Forum Blog is publishing a series about women's history and historic preservation. This post is the first case study in the series. Interested in discussing this post with other readers? Sign up for Forum Connect . When you imagine the Santa Fe Trail , what do you...

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Interpreting Women’s History at Historic Sites: An Introduction

This is not about women’s history. It is about our history. Telling a broader American story is a priority at historic sites. Moreover, recent thinking holds that interpretation should be intersectional—that is, not tell the stories of various communities in isolation, but rather tell...

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Housekeeping for Historic Homes and House Museums (2000)

Valuable advice for homeowners and house museum operators on cleaning and caring for historic buildings and their contents. #HistoricSites #collectionsmanagement #housemuseums


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The Living Kitchens at Cliveden

by Libbie Hawes For the last two decades, historicsites around the country have been engaged in a steady, thoughtful discussion about slavery and race. This conversation isn’t alwayscomfortable or easy, but it happens consistently and it happens with theauthenticity and veracity that can only...

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Summer 2014 Forum Journal: Stepping into the Future at Historic Sites

Historic sites are cool these days. Not because they are a place to get out the summer's heat, but because cool stuff is happening--community gardens, gatherings for student activists, performance art, surprising exhibits, and creative workshops to name just a few. And it turns out there are an...