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The Measure of Success: Transforming Communities through Historic Properties Real Estate Programs

Over the past three years, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has played a leading role in the effort to broaden the use of real estate programs to save historic assets through the Historic Properties Redevelopment Program (HPRP) , with gen erous support provided by the 1772...

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Revolving Fund

Fund established by a public or nonprofit organization to purchase land or buildings or make grants or loans to facilitate the preservation of historic resources. Source: Miller, Julia H. A Layperson’s Guide to Historic Preservation Law: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Laws Governing...

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PastForward 2014 - TrustLive: PreservationVENTURE

TrustLive, four marquee presentations that were also available to the virtual attendee live streaming, launched this year at PastForward, Nov. 11-14, Savannah, Ga. These presentations brought together new voices and new ideas to focus on the intersections between historic preservation and larger...

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Diverse Approaches to Partnership in Historic Property Redevelopment

Partnerships are as varied as the challenges and opportunities they seek to address, and preservation-focused partnerships are no different. Because the revitalization of the built environment touches nearly every facet of modern life—political, economic, social, and environmental—the...

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The Revolving Fund Impact Report

The Revolving Fund Impact Report by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and its historic preservation department is the result of a year-long study of 20 of the nation’s revolving funds. Here, SCAD graduate students studying historic preservation analyzed the scope and...

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PreservationBasics: Preservation Revolving Funds

A preservation revolving fund is a pool of capital created and reserved to control and protect historic properties for rehabilitation, with the restriction that the monies are returned to the fund to be reused for similar preservation activities. Many of the first preservation revolving funds...