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Serving Versus Observing Communities as Part of Preservation Practice

By Adriel Luis Editor's Note: This piece came out of a session at the 2018 PastForward Conference in San Francisco, California, which was led by Adriel Luis and Michelle Angela Ortiz . The session focused specifically on working and communicating with underrepresented communities as...

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Historic Preservation in Philadelphia: New Tools for an Old City

By Seri Worden and Patrick Grossi In November 2019, Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney signed into law three new bills that remove barriers and incentivize historic preservation in one of our nation’s most historic cities. These bills will allow for a more flexible and supportive regulatory...

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Funding Easement Stewardship

Preservation organizations that accept and hold preservation easements assume the long-term responsibility to manage the easement, often in perpetuity. Easement administration typically includes routine monitoring, staff time to respond to owner requests, and legal costs for questions about...

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Opportunity Zones

Preservation & Opportunity Zones Authorized in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones present both the promise of new investment for historic buildings in distressed communities, and the risk associated with a valuable and uncapped federal incentive that does not attempt to steer...

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Neighborhood Conservation Districts: Planning and Administrative Practices

As part of the National Trust’s work with the City of Detroit on the Jefferson-Chalmers National Treasure Campaign and Neighborhood Development and Implementation Plan, we have been asked to conduct a review of neighborhood conservation district implementation and administrative models. To...

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