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Code Versus Compatibility: Striking the Right Balance at Many Glacier Hotel

What do we do when an iconic, character-defining feature of a National Historic Landmark is lost? Our firm asked this question at the outset of our design work for the rehabilitation of Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park. Built in 1916, the hotel originally featured a unique “double...

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Minimalist Glass Insertions to Improve and Preserve St. Patrick’s Cathedral

By Jeffrey Murphy With its towering twin spires in the heart of Manhattan and nearly 5 million visitors per year, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is among the world’s most iconic worship spaces. The cathedral, now a National Historic Landmark, was originally occupied in 1879 and last comprehensively...

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New Theme Study Uplifts Asian American and Pacific Islander History

By Amy Guay Few would categorize preservation as disruption. The act of safeguarding structures that have been around for decades or centuries sooner implies the maintenance of an existing environment, while bulldozers are used to upend the status quo. But “ Finding a Path Forward ,” the...

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Saving Scofield Mansion

By Robert Klein Scofield Mansion is one of only 10 known remaining buildings designed by architect and sculptor Levi Scofield, who is best known for the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument that stands in Cleveland’s Public Square. Scofield designed and built his family home on Cleveland’s East...

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Forum Webinar: Building Connections Using Social Photography + Video

During the latest Forum Webinar, presenters discussed the importance of using social photography and video to build connections and audience. Listen to a recording of the webinar to hear Sarah Heffern, Kirsten Hower, and Raina Regan from the National Trust for Historic Preservation—as well as...

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Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery for Owners of Historic Properties

​Comprehensive pre- and post-hurricane checklists prepared by Historic Charleston Foundation. While some of the contact information is specific to Charleston, the action steps listed in this guide can be applied elsewhere. #PreservationTools #Charleston #DisasterRelief #DisasterResponse