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Moe Fund

The Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund: Grant Guidelines The Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund supports members of the Partners Network with two exciting grant programs: one focused on innovation and the other on capacity building. The two grant programs combined will give a maximum of $55,000 in...

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Embracing Change Through Rebranding: Preservation Utah

By Kirk Huffaker For the past 50 years, Utah Heritage Foundation has worked to unite all Utahns to ensure that historic places thrive in a rapidly changing world. Utah’s historic architecture is as rich in diversity, style, form, and function as the topography that has influenced it. We...

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Organizational Excellence

The Trustees’ Award for Organizational Excellence recognizes a nonprofit organization, large or small, that has demonstrated sustained and superlative achievement in historic preservation. Trustees’ Award for Organizational Excellence The Trustees' Award for Organizational Excellence recognizes...

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How to Be a Preservationist

Want to make preservationists out of people who don’t know the difference between a balustrade and a facade? A mullion and a muntin? Section 106 and Formula 409? Don’t worry, they don’t need to. There are lots of everyday activities they can do to help support preservation. ...

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Preservation Revolving Funds: Then and Now

In 1978 Jim Gray, the executive director of the Historic Preservation Fund of North Carolina, Inc., spoke about North Carolina’s new “revolving fund” at the National Preservation Conference in Chicago. The new statewide fund had only three or four properties under its belt, one...

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Marketing the Preservation Message

When I was asked to speak before the Preservation Alliance of Virginia, I discussed with a friend what I might say. She asked: “Why is there even a need for a speech on promoting historic preservation in a place like Virginia? After all, with all we have here, if Virginia is not interested...

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Approaches to Preserving Montana's Industrial Structures

Twenty-first century America is full of the remains of 19th- and 20th-century industry, from a 150-year period when the engines of manufacturing and production propelled this nation to economic dominance and prosperity. A time of unrivaled productivity, developing nations passed through a...

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Ambassador Hotel Saga Ends: LA Conservancy Moves On

When is it time to end a long preservation battle? The Los Angeles Conservancy recently had to make that tough decision concerning the Ambassador Hotel. The Ambassador (1921–1989) was once the hotel of choice for celebrities and dignitaries, home of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub...

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The Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois: Looking to the Future

In 1971, the Landmarks Preservation Council was founded by citizens outraged at the prospect of losing the Stock Exchange building, the 1884 Adler and Sullivan masterpiece located at the southwest corner of LaSalle and Washington Streets.Political indifference and fiscal shortsightedness led to...