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Letter to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks on Restore Our Parks Act (7/2018)

Check out comments the National Trust for Historic Preservation submitted to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks for the July 11, 2018 hearing on the Restore Our Parks Act (S. 3172). #PublicLands #NationalParkService #repairbacklog

NTHP Testimony SENR National Parks SubCom Hearing 7-11-2018.pdf

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HOPE Crew Four Case Studies

In 2014, the National Trust launched the HOPE (Hands-On Preservation Experience) Crew to train young adults in preservation skills, while helping to protect and restore historic sites. Youth and veterans are trained in the skills necessary to perform preservation work through a cooperative...

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National Trust Testimony at the Hearing on Exploring Innovative Solutions to Reduce the Department of the Interior's Maintenance Backlog (March 6, 2018)

Pam Bowman, director of public lands policy at the National Trust for Historic Preservation presented this testimony to the House Natural Resources Committee during a hearing on exploring innovative solutions to reduce the Department of the Interior's maintenance backlog. This testimony was...

NTHP Testimony House NRC Deferred Maintenance Hearing 3-6-2018.pdf

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On the Hill: President’s Budget Seeks Preservation Cuts. Again.

Last week President Trump sent his FY19 budget proposal to Congress. The annual ritual, replete with press photos of shrink-wrapped budget tomes and countless charts, marks the start of the formal FY19 appropriations process. Much like last year , historic preservation priorities face...

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Spring 2004 Forum Journal: Viewpoints: A Commitment to Diversity

Table of Contents Confronting Contentious Pasts: The Challenges of Interpreting "Controversial" Subjects at America's Historic Sites by Dwight Pitcaithley Preserving the Sites and Telling the Story of Japanese and American Internment by Amy Cole and Anne Gailliot Preserving...


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Summer 2003 Forum Journal: Regional Heritage Areas: Connecting People to Places and History

Table of Contents * Introduction by Richard Moe * Heritage Areas: Connecting People to their Place and History by Jayne Daly * Evolution of the Heritage Area Movement by J. Glenn Eugster * Planning for Heritage Areas by Joseph DiBello * The Blue Ridge Heritage Initiative:...


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Winter 2004 Forum Journal: New Frontiers in Preservation

​ Table of Contents * Introduction by Richard Moe: New Frontiers in Preservation * How Creativity and Sense of Place Fuel the New Economy by Richard Florida * Lewis and Clark’s American Odyssey by Dayton Duncan * Native America in the 21st Century: Out of the Mists and...


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Fall 2004 Forum Journal: Challenges and Opportunities in Heritage Education

​ Table of Contents Heritage Education and Historic Preservation: Partners or Acquaintances? by Max A. van Balgooy Heritage Education–Louisiana: Developing a Model for Teacher Training by Sheila Richmond Teaching with Historic Places Looks Back, Looks Forward by Carol D. Shull ...