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Supporting Historic Preservation Through a Legislative Caucus

​A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy For additional chapters see Advocacy Toolkit. #congress #Lobbying #Advocacy #ForumNews


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Statewide Cultural Heritage Tourism Programs on the Rise

I n Pennsylvania , state historic sites and museums are promoted on Coca Cola vending machines, and discounts to historic sites are offered on the two-liter bottles distributed within the state. In Wisconsin , the Department of Tourism produces 18 separate free guidebooks, including ...

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Touro Synagogue: A National Trust Historic Site

Historic houses of worship are rarely set aside as historic sites. While churches, synagogues, and mosques may be open to visitors, when needed for religious observance they go back to what they were meant to be: a place for people to worship together. The National Trust is delighted to add a...

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Main Street Turns 25

This month, 1,500 Main Street leaders will converge in Baltimore, Md., to celebrate a quarter century of a movement many once said could never happen. Most of those attending will have five to ten years of experience, in one community or several. In these places, they have, on average, completed...

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New Tools Advance the Historic Neighborhood Schools Initiative

The National Trust launched its Historic Neighborhood Schools Initiative in 2000, after receiving dozens of calls from communities seeking help in preserving their neighborhood schools. This caused historic neighborhood schools to be placed on the Trust’s list of the nation’s 11 Most...

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Remote Community Rebuilds Town Hall

Silverton, the only town in San Juan County, is a National Historic Landmark locked in a high mountain valley in southwestern Colorado. It can be accessed only by Colorado Highway 550, the most avalanche-prone road in the United States. On November 30, 1992, Silverton`s 1908 Town Hall caught...

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Preservation in the Twin Cities

Minneapolis is the first city of the West, Saint Paul the last of the East, the old saw goes. And it’s the clearest way to describe the sibling cities that are twins in name only. Bigger, brasher, newer, Minneapolis powers the economy of the state and the Upper Midwest. Smaller, older,...

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Restored Performing Arts Venues Enliven Traverse City,Mich.

These are tough economic times—especially in Michigan, hard hit by losses in the auto industry. But Traverse City is using its historical and cultural assets to overcome them. Traverse City grew as a center for lumbering and manufacturing, then farming. After World War II, the area&rsquo...

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Low-Cost Local Incentives for Historic Preservation

In today’s economic climate, state and locally funded programs for historic preservation are in serious jeopardy. During this legislative season alone, we have seen the slashing of state Main Street programs, reductions in staff positions and funding for state and city preservation offices...