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Supporting Historic Preservation Through a Legislative Caucus

​A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy For additional chapters see Advocacy Toolkit. #congress #Lobbying #Advocacy #ForumNews


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BHSA: Crafting the Next Generation of Preservationists

The Brooklyn High School of the Arts (BHSA), in Brooklyn, N.Y., is the first high school in the country to integrate historic preservation into its academic and vocational curriculum. Established in response to the 1993 World Monuments Fund symposium examining restoration employment strategies,...

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The New Markets Tax Credit: A New Financing Tool for Historic Rehab and Main Street Projects

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) was created by congress in 2000 to stimulate long-term investment in the economic development of low-income communities. It is a 39 percent credit (earned over seven years) for investors in commercial projects in qualifying commercial districts. The federal...

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Name That Style! Vocabulary for the Recent Past

Twenty years ago, when I prepared National Register nominations for a state historic preservation office, I knew all those terms for building parts and styles. I can close my eyes and imagine an "italianate commercial building" or a "gothic chapel" or "american four-square home." But could I...

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Conservation Easements for Archeological Preservation

An architect might see an archeological site as a building that failed. Archeologists, however, see a fragile, nonrenewable resource that is rich with information about the past. All archeological sites experience gradual processes of deterioration over time. However, across the U.S.,...

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The National Alliance of Preservation Commissions: Taking Stock at Its 20th Anniversary

In the fall of 1982 a flurry of handbills spread around the National Preservation Conference in Louisville, Ky., announced the formation of a new national organization for local preservation commissions. Some six months later in March 1983, at a meeting of the National Conference of State...

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Why We Do What We Do

Admit it. At some time or another do you secretly say to yourself, "I wish that they would all fall down"? Do you, frankly, prefer the new shopping mall to the old shopping district downtown? Or when driving by yet another ten-theater movie complex destroying farmland on the outskirts of town or...

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Historians and Preservationists: A Partnership for the Centuries

Like many others, I came to preservation through a visit to a historic place. While researching a book on the Civil War some years ago, I visited a number of battlefields where the Army of the Potomac fought. It was a moving experience to walk those fields and fencerows, but it was also alarming...

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In the Trenches

On the first day of 2001, I found myself driving north toward a new job, having left my employment with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I had thoroughly enjoyed my previous work in "big picture" advocacy and public policy, yet part of me had gone unfulfilled. I missed bricks and...