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Supporting Historic Preservation Through a Legislative Caucus

​A Chapter from the Advocacy Training Manual Produced by the Center for State and Local Policy For additional chapters see Advocacy Toolkit. #congress #Lobbying #Advocacy #ForumNews


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The Awesome Power of Volunteers

Using a heater to warm the epoxy, stone conservator Dean Ruedrich and a helper reassemble a statue at Congressional Cemetery during a massive volunteer effort last fall. It didn`t take long after Congressional Cemetery achieved the dubious distinction of inclusion among the National Trust`s ...

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Preservation Conference Comes to Tulsa: A Jewel on the Prairie

Early History The oral tradition of the Lochapoka people, clan of the Creek Nation, tells of their forced emigration to Indian Territory, moving up the Arkansas River until they came to a place where the river made its great end to the west. They stopped and solemnly scattered the ashes of...

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Federal Highway Reauthorization Legislation: What’s at Stake for Historic Preservation

Preservationists will be in for a fight during the next Congress, as the House and Senate prepare to reauthorize a surface transportation policy bill. Within that bill will be several provisions that specifically address environmental and historic preservation concerns. Here’s what’s...

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Getting My Passport Stamped

Most of us would agree that traveling abroad is a great experience. We see one-of-a-kind places, eat exotic foods, and try to speak foreign languages. And, coolest of cool, we get our passports stamped to prove just how global we are. Working in a regional office for the National Trust is a...

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In-Kind Donations Save the Pope-Leighey House

When the National Trust for Historic Preservation decided to move Frank Lloyd Wright`s Pope-Leighey House for the second time, the biggest challenge posed by the project was raising the funds to cover the cost of the unique restoration. The solution was one that many groups will be turning to as...

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Out There: Documenting Historic Places From Your Desktop

The memory is fading, but I can still dimly recall the last time I used a slide projector. Must have been way back about 2003 or so… Today Kodak no longer sells or repairs slide projectors. Slide film has become a special order item. There is only one certified Kodachrome processing...

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Reinterpreting Places of Dark Memory

In the lyrics of Paul Simon’s Graceland album there is the line, “This is the story of how we begin to remember.” I’ve been listening to that album while thinking about how historic preservation should address historic sites and interpretative messages associated with...

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Historic Neighborhood Schools: "E" is for Endangered

Not far from the White House in Washington, D.C., a former African-American Free School, built in 1886, may be razed to make room for a new office building. In Santa Fe, N. Mex., neighbors and parents fear that four historic neighborhood schools, designed by New Mexico`s pre-eminent architect,...