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Making a Difference: Reshaping the Past, Present, and Future Toward Greater Equity

By Justin Garrett Moore Editor's Note: This is an excerpt from Justin Garrett Moore's article "Making a Difference: Reshaping the Past, Present, and Future Toward Greater Equity" which was featured in Forum Journal: ReUrbanism: Past Meets Future in American Cities. Moore presented portions...

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Forum Journal: Heritage in the Landscape

The latest issue of Forum Journal examines the history, issues, and current conversations surrounding the preservation of cultural landscapes. In her introductory piece on cultural landscapes and the National Register, Barbara Wyatt explains that there is no single, rigid definition for a...

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Types of Legalized Gambling by State

Information retrieved from "North American Gaming Report 1994," Gaming and Wagering Business . Publication date: Summer 1995 #ForumJournal #data

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Preserving Public Interests and Property Rights

The property-rights controversy at Antietam was launched with gusto on June 12, 1989, when the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation paid a visit to the Antietam National Battlefield in Washington County, Maryland. Antietam National Battlefield was established in 1890 by an act of Congress...

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Historic Preservation and the Constitution

One of the biggest problems facing historic preservation at the local level today is the blustering lawyer who claims that recent United States Supreme Court-and state court-decisions have fundamentally changed the rules of the "preservation game." The typical landmark commission, when...

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Network: The National Trust Library

Many Forum members may not be aware of the fact that a library collection originally developed by the staff of the National Trust has since 1986 been part of the University of Maryland at College Park Libraries. The National Trust for Historic Preservation Library Collection, or NTL, resides in...

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May/June 1993 Forum Journal: Focus on Landscape Preservation

Table of Contents Landscape Preservation Today by Charles A. Birnbaum The Historian and the Landscape by Cynthia Zaitzevsky The Inventory and Analysis of Historic Landscapes by Genevieve P. Keller The Treatment of Historic Landscapes by Patricia M. O'Donnell Managing the Past for the...

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The Treatment of Historic Landscapes

Landscape treatment is an intervention carried out to achieve preservation goals. It is the fourth step in the preservation planning process. The preceding steps determine what treatment is appropriate for each historic landscape or its specific features. These steps include: thorough research...

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March/April 1993 Forum Journal

Table of Contents Effecting Neighborhood Awareness. An examination of ways to increase minority participation in communities by Cathy Marcinko History and Dollars. The economic consequences of historic-site preservation by Michael G. Carew Is Preservation Moving Up or Has It Plateaued?...

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Probing the Issues of Town/Gown Conflict

When word leaks out that a university is going to expand, waves of fear sometimes spread through adjacent neighborhoods. Uncertainty and rumors abound. These neighborhoods were often established to support the institution with housing and services. Now they are in jeopardy by virtue of the...