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A look at the various libraries available for professionals to research. Forum Library Browse the extensive library to delve into the latest blog posts and series, browse our newest webinars, or catch up on recent Forum Journal issues—or to read Journal articles from as far back as 1990!...

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March 2013 Forum Focus: Putting the Saving Windows, Saving Money Report to Work

The Preservation Green Lab’s recently released report, Saving Windows, Saving Money: Evaluating the Energy Performance of Window Replacement and Retrofit, helps owners of historic homes make informed decisions about the pros and cons of retrofitting or replacing older windows in order to...


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January 2014 Forum Focus: The Power of the Pro Forma

Few things strike fear in the hearts of preservationists like financial analysis of historic real estate projects. Vinyl siding comes close, and window replacement might be its equal, but there is probably no greater or more prolific destroyer of historic properties than a pro forma showing in...


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May 2013 Forum Focus: Making the Most of MAP-21: The Next Chapter for Preservation in Transportation Planning

When Congress passes a new law, most people wonder: “Does this affect me? And if so, how?” The new transportation law enacted by Congress last fall has preservationists asking these same questions.Effective October 1, 2012, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) is a...

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December 2012 Forum Focus: Helping Cities Get it Right: Preservation Strategies for Addressing Rightsizing

This Forum Focus summarizes the results of the recent study “Putting the Right in Rightsizing: A Historic Preservation Case Study,” published by the Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN) and the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP). Prepared by preservation...

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November 2012 Forum Focus: Special Lecture by Donovan Rypkema, the 2012 Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award Recipient

Special Lecture by Donovan Rypkema, the 2012 Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award Recipient Presented at the National Preservation Conference on November 3, 2012 in Spokane Washington. I think the historic preservation movement is today in the most trouble since the passage of the...

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October 2012 Forum Focus: Research Confirms Power of Historic Tax Credits

“PRESERVATION=JOBS” makes an eye-catching campaign button, but it’s also the truth. In 2011 historic rehabilitation projects supported by the federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) created some 55,458 jobs. The assertion that “the Historic Tax Credit program more than pays for...

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May 2012 Forum Focus: Putting The Greenest Building Report to Work for Historic Preservation

In February 2012 the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Preservation Green Lab released The Greenest Building: Quantifying the Environmental Value of Building Reuse . This report marks the first of its kind in the United States to compare the environmental consequences of reusing...

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Forum Focus: Putting the Older, Smaller, Better Report to Work

The latest Preservation Green Lab report Older, Smaller, Better provides the most complete empirical validation to date of Jane Jacobs' long-respected, but largely untested hypothesis: That neighborhoods containing a mix of older, smaller buildings of diverse age support greater levels of...

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