Ms. Leisa Collins

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I'm a full time artist who specializes in architectural art, especially paintings of homes and historic buildings. I have a passion for historic preservation and saving beautiful old structures.  I recently achieved my goal of creating portraits of architectural subjects - mainly historic - in every state across the USA and I am currently compiling a coffee table book that will feature a collection of these homes and buildings.  I believe that artists can play an important role in preservation and that these old buildings should be respected as treasured art forms. I like to think I am documenting history by creating original paintings of them.  In 2013 I created my Leisa Collins Historic Preservation Award which I give to stellar individuals around the country  for their preservation efforts. The award is an original painting of the restored subject.  Over the years my work has become recognized on a national scale and  today I am blessed to receive new requests weekly from around the country for my commissioned art. I love road trips and travel and have been to all corners of the globe over the years.  I'm a native of New Zealand but have lived in the states longer than in NZ now. I live with my Michigan born husband in Florida which is where I have my studio.