Mr. Paul Stewart

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For the last 40 years I have worked with non-profits in various capacities. I have been a line worker and an executive director. In recent years I have done a great deal of work with small businesses in their development and business plans. For six years I worked as a loan officer for CLFCR and have since that time worked in training and technical assistance for the same organization. In 2002 I received the SBA Syracuse District Minority Small Business Advocate of the Year Award. In 2006 I received the SBA Syracuse District Veterans Small Business Champion Award.

Over the last 17 years I have been increasingly developing capacity regarding the story of the Underground Railroad. My wife and I have developed and conducted walking tours for the last 15 (4-14 a year, averaging 6 a year ) years (and in two cities), bus tours, organized a non-profit to educate on the subject, organized what has become a nationally recognized conference for the last fifteen years, published articles on the subject and a newsletter, discovered a historic site, worked to restore it, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the restoration, received numerous awards and recognitions (among them the UGRR Free Press Prize for Preservation for 2008) and in November 2009 named Scholar In Residence at Russell Sage College regarding our UGRR studies. Our project has received the Service Award form the NYS African Studies Association in April of 2015 and An Initiative Award from Historic Albany Foundation in May of 2015.

In 2009 I was appointed by Governor Patterson to the state Board of Historic Review with the NYS Office of Parks (a non-paid board position to review National Register Nominations).

Specialties: Developing small businesses, business plans, non-profit organizations, Underground Railroad studies