Skyla Leavitt

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After starting graduate school at the University of Oregon in Portland to pursue my Master of Architecture, I stumbled into historic preservation. Two years later, my initial passing interest has snowballed into a concurrent Master of Science in Historic Preservation degree. Paired with my focus on building science, I hope to concentrate my career as a licensed preservation architect on solving building envelope issues in existing and historic masonry buildings. I think the successful restoration and reuse of existing buildings, whether historic or not, is integral to our efforts to mitigate climate change. For me, historic preservation is an opportunity not only to protect the experience and knowledge of culture and architecture for generations to come, but also to do my part for the planet.


University of Oregon
Portland, Oregon, United States
Master of Architecture, 2020
Architecture, Historic Preservation
2017 To 2020

University of Oregon
Portland, Oregon, United States
M.S. in Historic Preservation, 2020
Historic Preservation, Architecture
2017 To 2020
Dissertation: Interdisciplinary Negotiations

The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio, United States
B.S. in Architecture, 2016
Architecture, Landscape Architecture
2012 To 2016