Mr. David Shearer

Executive Director,
Claremont Heritage

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In my 20+ year career I have curated and produced over 100 exhibitions relating to decorative arts, architecture, design and photography. I have worked with many artists, designers, curators, collectors to achieve the highest level of integrity in both content and presentation. As a design retailer I have utilized educational programming as a marketing technique, to not only attract media coverage, but to ultimately educate the end viewer/user. As a design educator I have conceived and coordinated competitions, seminars, symposia, and documentaries ….As an entrepreneur I have established brand identity, created publications and websites. As the director of a not for profit organization that travels exhibitions to museums, I have managed projects that cross both personal and logistical boundaries to achieve positive results for both the institution involved as well as the viewer.

Specialties: Developing educational programming such as documentaries, conferences, symposia, film series etc. about 20th century architecture and design