Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Building owners face a distinct set of challenges in responding to natural disasters. While they can rely to a certain extent on local, city, and state agencies to provide post-disaster services, they are ultimately responsible for caring for their own properties. These resources can help building owners respond quickly and effectively in order to minimize property damage and ensure a safe return home.

AIA Disaster Assistance Program

Learn about this nationwide network of architects that help communities before and after disasters. This includes a link to the 2017 Disaster Assistance Handbook.


National Heritage Responders

The National Heritage Responders responds to the needs of cultural institutions during emergencies and disasters through coordinated efforts with first responders, state agencies, vendors and the public. 

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General Disaster Response and Recovery Information

Hurricane and Flood Damage Resources

FEMA Mitigation Assessment Team Reports and Recommendations

The Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) Program at FEMA draws on the combined resources of a federal, state, local, and private sector partnership. The MAT Program allows FEMA to assemble and quickly deploy teams of investigators, who then  evaluate the performance of buildings and related infrastructure in response to the effects of natural and man-made hazards. This page includes the reports from the MAT team for hurricanes, tornados, flooding and more. 

Field Guide to Emergency Response (Water)

Galveston Historical Foundation
Flooded and Wet: DIY Heirloom Recovery

Repairing Your Home

*Resources prepared by Louisiana State University College of Agriculture (LSU AG)