Fundamentals in Preservation

The field of historic preservation rests on a broad foundation of knowledge, so effective leadership requires a thorough background on the laws, policies, and programs that inform our discipline. This reference area provides a wide range of timely, integral knowledge for all preservation professionals.

Issues in Preservation

Ready for the next level? Get up-to-date, high-level information on current issues in the field of preservation.

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Preservation & Advocacy

The most effective preservation advocate is an informed preservation advocate. Stay up to date not only on policy advancements that are strengthening our movement but also on threats that historic and cultural resources are facing. Learn best practices for compelling preservation advocacy, and be the first to discover new tools to maximize the power of your work. Develop a knack for timely, impactful advocacy.

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Preservation & Law

Important laws at the federal, state, and local levels that encourage—and sometimes require—historic preservation can shape, modify, strengthen, and improve preservation efforts. Familiarity with these laws can help preservation leaders respond effectively to threats as they arise; develop strategies to avoid future threats; and identify the full range of options available to protect an endangered historic building, cultural site, or even an entire neighborhood.

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Preservation & Economics

Every day historic preservation strengthens our economy, but leaders in the field don’t always know how to articulate that connection. Knowing the facts to support our case can help us spell out the many ways in which preservation supports neighborhoods and communities.

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