Full History

Preservation Leadership Training®
Repair Work: Telling the Full History at Our Historic Sites

March 27, 2018
Connecticut Convention Center
Hartford, CT
In conjunction with the National Council on Public History (NCPH) Annual Meeting.
Attendees can register for the PLT with an NCPH registration or just for the PLT.

For decades public historians have been working to tell more complete American stories at sites around the country. However, due to past preservation and collections practices, limited material culture and resources are available to help tell those stories.

Attendees at this Preservation Leadership Training (PLT) will learn strategies and pick up tools to help them understand, interpret, and explain their sites’ full histories, even in the absence of collections, material culture, and documentation. Case studies and group work will be focused on tell the full history of the American past.


Register for this PLT through the NCPH Annual Meeting website. Registration is open to non-meeting attendees here.

  • $50

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