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Webinar Series: Women Are Essential

Historic places and sites reveal that women were present everywhere in essential and sometimes surprising roles. Across a two-part webinar series, public historian and author of Doing Women’s History in Public, Dr. Heather Huyck will moderate thought-provoking conversations with experts who are interpreting the complexity of women’s history and identity. Together these panelists will challenge how we see and understand women’s essential but too-often hidden lives and contributions across six very different places and property types. You will come away from the series with an appreciation of the historic impact of women, as well as strategies and case studies to shape a fuller and more honest American story.

Part 1: New Ways of Seeing Women in Every Historic Place
June 24 | 3-4 pm

Every place has a woman’s story to tell, if only we could do a better job of “seeing” their presence in those places. Even historic sites that are recognized for their associations with women’s achievement contain additional layers of information that should be carefully examined to provide a more nuanced and complete picture of personal accomplishments, gender and sexuality identity, and the forces that shaped them. From the home of an internationally acclaimed Black American civil rights activist to a small “Cent Shop” that provisioned a 19th century seaport, women were absolutely essential to the success of a wide range of social, intellectual, and economic activities. Join us to learn new ways of seeing women in every historic place.

Part 2: Interpretive Strategies that Reveal Women Are Everywhere
August 12 | 3-4 pm

Many sites and organizations are looking for guidance on how best to identify, research and convey the history of women that are “hidden” in plain sight, particularly in unexpected places that have—until now—have been predominately associated with men. This webinar will explore interpretive strategies including tools, resources, processes, and programs that can help elevate the important roles women played and reveal the difficult relationships and problematic power dynamics associated with women as wives, business managers, caregivers, and owners of enslaved people.

From Concept to Reality: Preservation Project Planning Basics

August 17, 2021 | 3-4 PM ET

Planning to tackle some major rehabilitation work on your historic building, but not sure where to start? This Forum Webinar will give an overview of the process of architectural design and construction practiced by architects, engineers, contractors and preservationists, which provides the framework for most rehabilitation projects.

Based on her experience as Preservation Architect at the National Trust for Historic Preservation, working closely with Partners for Sacred Places to provide technical assistance to congregations in the National Fund for Sacred Places program, Olivia Tarricone will give an overview of the typical process and steps to take a building rehab project from concept to reality. Allison King, Grants and Program Manager at Partners for Sacred Places, will give a brief introduction to the National Fund for Sacred Places, and Michael Rouse, principal architect at MPR Architecture, will provide insights from his experience as a Building Committee member at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Baltimore, which recently completed a $750,000 project to restore historic windows in their 1884 Chapel and upgrade building amenities to increase the use of their building by the entire community.  

Recording: Using State Historic Tax Credits to Create Affordable Housing

June 30, 2021 

Hear three perspectives on how state historic tax credits can help repurpose historic buildings to create new units of affordable housing. 

Leslie Reid serves as the CEO of Madison Park Development Corporation, one of the largest community based non-profit developers in Massachusetts. Hear Leslie describe how Massachusetts sets aside 25% of its credits for affordable housing projects and the impacts the incentive has on the work of her organization.

As a historic preservation consultant Logan Ferguson, Senior Associate with Powers and Company, has helped clients apply for historic tax credits in many states but will highlight during the webinar her personal experience with the Delaware credit which provides 10% more credit for depreciable projects that qualify for low-income housing tax credits. Maine increases its rehabilitation tax credit by 5% if new affordable housing is created.

John Egan, the Chief Lending and Program Officer at the Maine-based Genesis Community Loan Fund will use his thirty-years of housing financing expertise to describe how the state’s investment helps make repurposing buildings financially feasible.

Webinar Series: Brown v. Board of Education

One of the most significant landmark cases in the history of the United States, the 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education compiled cases from five communities across the South, East, and Midwest to desegregate American schools. Late last year, the National Trust identified work related to expanding the narrative surrounding Brown v. Board as one of our National Treasures.

As part of the work of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund, we will continue to broaden our understanding of Brown v. Board of Education through a webinar series that will highlight the people, places, and stories from each of the states involved in the landmark case. 

Webinar Series: The Tidal Basin in Context

Conceived of and moderated by Donald Albrecht and Thomas Mellins, curators of the Tidal Basin Ideas Lab exhibition, this webinar series focuses on the changing nature of public space and the complexities of its preservation through the lens of the National Mall Tidal Basin. Produced in partnership with the Trust for the National Mall. 


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