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National Impact Agenda

As our nation grapples with significant challenges-from racial injustice to climate change and the ongoing pandemic-the work of preservation has never been more important. At the same time, we at the National Trust hear calls for change in historic preservation practice and policy.

To ensure that the movement remains a resilient and relevant force for positive change, the National Impact Agenda aims to articulate our shared values and describe actions we can take-individually and collectively-to deepen the impacts of the work of historic preservation. Learn more about this ongoing effort.

New Forum Journal: Relevance and Resilience


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Forum Webinar Series: Women Are Essential

Join Preservation Leadership Forum for a two-part webinar series (June 24 and August 12) about why women are an essential part of American history. In this series public historian and author of Doing Women’s History in Public, Dr. Heather Huyck will moderate thought-provoking conversations with experts who are interpreting the complexity of women’s history and identity.

Additional Resources on Building a More Inclusive Preservation Movement

Today’s preservation movement recognizes the need for more complete, inclusive representation of communities across the nation. This work of examining and changing preservation practice, from storytelling to community engagement, will lead to a more inclusive preservation program.

Resources on Preservation and Inclusion
Forum Connect: Resources on Social Justice, Inclusion, and More

Resources and Response to the Coronavirus

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