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    Morning all.  I wanted to take a moment to point the Forum Connect community to two different statements that the National Trust for Historic Preservation released over the weekend regarding the horrific death of George Floyd and subsequent protests, ...

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    Hello Everyone!  With the new database conversion we're getting a bunch of new community members. Please take a moment to stop by and introduce yourself.  I'll start us off. My name is Priya Chhaya, I am the Associate Director for Content here at the ...

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    All  As events related to COVID-19 unfold, I wanted to start a conversation about how various historic sites and organizations are preparing and messaging the impacts on their sites. I know that everyone is likely in full planning mode, but thought ...

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    If interested in legacy businesses and concerned about their survival, especially now during COVID-19, join us next Thursday, December 10 at 12 p.m. (PST) . We're convening a free Zoom conversation about legacy businesses and hearing how the cities ...

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    One more example from MA: Not quite like the highline, but still might fit the bill! Lesley Herzberg Executive Director Berkshire County Historical Society at Herman Melville's Arrowhead 780 ...


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