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    Hello Everyone!  With the new database conversion we're getting a bunch of new community members. Please take a moment to stop by and introduce yourself.  I'll start us off. My name is Priya Chhaya, I am the Associate Director for Content here at the ...

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    Welcome to September.  Wow. It feels pretty strange to say that in this very bizarre year we've had so far. Let's keep on talking and working together to build a better preservation movement.  A few announcements from our end:  1. C elebrate the ...

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    All  As events related to COVID-19 unfold, I wanted to start a conversation about how various historic sites and organizations are preparing and messaging the impacts on their sites. I know that everyone is likely in full planning mode, but thought ...

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    Hi, my name is Donna Thornton-Sempowski and I am a recent graduate of Bucks County Community College's Historic Preservation certificate program in Pennsylvania. I have been in the Call Center Industry for over 30 years and now seeking a second career ...

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    I am C. Sade Turnipseed a public historian/educator and community outreach/PR specialist. I am the long-time host and producer of Delta Renaissance television talk show. I currently teach history at both Jackson State University and the Mississippi Valley ...


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