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State HTC Campaigns - Tools for Success (September 30, 2015 | Forum Webinar) 

State HTC Campaigns - Tools for Success (September 30, 2015 | Forum Webinar)
Peggy Moretti, Gene Rees, Renee Kuhlman
Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Historic tax credits are often critical for incentivising the rehabilitation of our historic buildings. But legislators, struggling with limited budgets, need your help to make informed decisions about these incentives that generate revenue while revitalizing towns of all sizes. Learn about the tools your peers have used to educate lawmakers and which have been the most effective.

Hear Peggy Moretti, the executive director of Restore Oregon, describe the tools they used during their intensive year-long campaign to gain a state tax incentive for historic rehabilitation. The campaign created an active grassroots coalition, commissioned research, gained excellent press coverage and developed several materials including a video highlighting how the incentive would help Oregon’s Main Streets.

North Carolinians have been hard at work this year to restore a state rehabilitation tax credit. Gene Rees, a developer in Mount Airy, North Carolina (pop. 10,388), has used federal and state historic tax credits to renovate many buildings. With a simple excel spreadsheet, he analyzed at the micro-level the return on the state’s investment in rehabilitating these historic buildings. Like other state studies in Ohio and Maryland, Rees has found that North Carolina received one-third of its investment back during the construction phase—before the tax credit was awarded.

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