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Summer 2015 Forum Journal: High Water and High Stakes: Cultural Resources and Climate Change 

03-09-2016 11:02

The summer issue of the Forum Journal looks at climate change and sea level rise and what they mean for historic resources now and in the future. Discover what communities are doing to mitigate the effects of sea level rise, and find out about changes to the National Flood Insurance Program and how these changes will affect historic properties. Enhanced content in this issue includes a webinar and three interactive maps that paint a dramatic picture of coastal flooding and its impact on historic resources.

Table of Contents

  • Climate Change and Rising Sea Level: Implications for Historic Preservation by John Englander
  • Preservation in a Changing Climate: Time to Pick Up the Tab by Anthony Veerkamp
  • A Heritage Coalition’s “Call to Action” on Climate Change and Cultural Heritage by Adam Markham and Jeana Wiser
  • Climate Change and Cultural Landscapes: Observation and Options by Robert Z. Melnick, FASLA
  • The National Flood Insurance Program and Historic Resources by Jenifer Eggleston and Jen Wellock
  • Weather It Together: Annapolis’ Model Planning Effort by Lisa Craig
  • The Impacts of Coastal Erosion on Tribal Cultural Heritage by Patty Ferguson Bohnee

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Author(s):John Englander, Anthony Veerkamp, Adam Markham, Jeana Wiser, Robert Z. Melnic, FASLA, Jenifer Eggleston, Jen Wellock, Lisa Craig, Patty Ferguson Bohnee
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Summer 2015 Forum Journal: High Water and High Stakes: Cultural Resources and Climate Change