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Removing Dryvit Cement Adhesive

  • 1.  Removing Dryvit Cement Adhesive

    Posted 10 days ago
    I am in the process of helping a client remediate some inappropriate work on a building clad in historic stucco. A contractor had applied EIFS over the stucco to repair it using Dryvit Prims Dry Cement Adhesive Base Coat. The EIFS was fairly easy to remove levanting behind this adhesive in dabs on the exterior. We are thinking of using an organic solvent to see if it loosens it enough that it can be peeled off. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? I plan on basing our removal of this off of the GSA Procedure Code 112886S "Removing Adhesives from Marble" found at Technical Documents
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    Technical Documents
    Biennial Cleaning And Stain Removal Of Woodwork Procedure Code: 640002S Filling Of Holes In Wood Veneer Paneling Procedure Code: 640002S Patching Cracks And Holes In Woodwork Procedure Code: 640016S Periodic Maintenance Of Wood Veneer Paneling Procedure Code: 640001S Removing Shellac From Wood Features And Refinishing Procedure Code: 640012S Repairing Water-Damaged
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    Look forward to anyone's thoughts or experience like this.


    Brian LaBrie
    Principal Architectural Historian
    Ray, Ellis and LaBrie Consulting
    Atlanta GA