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Going Digital in this COVID Climate

  • 1.  Going Digital in this COVID Climate

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello All!

    My name is Rin Kasckow and I'm the Executive Director for the Alliance for Historic Wyoming!
    A few of you might have received a call from me, saying hi and let's chat. Because I have hit a wall and I realized there is a whole community of preservationist also going through the same thing.

    Due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to cancel our biggest event of the year which was a month long celebration of Historic Preservation Month. The main idea of the event was that CLG or Mainstreets would nominate a business that is located in a historic building, pick a day in May, and host an event on that day. We would help with marketing, design, and organizing. But since we have decided that we want to keep people safe and have moved to cancel all in person events. But! we don't want to stop celebrating historic preservation month, so we are trying to take things digitally. And I would love any ideas or thoughts about how we could do it. At the moment what I have is:
    • hosting a live presentation on a historic building
    • a bingo/scavenger hunt in a local community with a possible incentive from the main nominated business. 
    • posting communities walking tours online 
    • Hosting a live tour of a historic building (Thank you Chantry form Preservation Oklahoma Inc) 

    And on top of that (because I cannot be stopped, even by myself) I really want to push with this change into digital how people can still support local businesses during this time. I was thinking posting local community challenges if they are doing something like that or if you can find local businesses products online. So if you have any thoughts on how I could promote local business too while promoting historic preservation, I'd love them.

    AND! if you want to chat with me one on one, which I would very happy about, please email me at or please feel free to call me at 307-343-2631.

    Thank you for any and all help!

    Rin Kasckow

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    Posted 4 days ago
    I'm the county archaeologist and historic preservation planner for Calvert County in Southern Maryland. The county government is convening all public meetings using Zoom. That includes our Historic District Commission meeting coming up in a couple of weeks. It can meet the standard of the open meetings act, and allows for participation of members and the public from the safety of their own homes.

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Kirsti Uunila, RPA
    Prince Frederick MD

    Kirsti Uunila
    Hist Pres Planner III
    Prince Frederick MD

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    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for starting the conversation. If it was ever time to evolve it's now!!

    We too were excitedly planning our annual historic home tour. I was extremely excited about the Tudor Revival theme (from cottage to mansion!) It's our biggest fundraiser and this may disrupt our fall preservation party fundraiser event too!

    • We replaced our speaker series event with 3 virtual live facebook talks; partnered with another local organization; we are doing this through Zoom. You'll have to purchase a plan to get the "webinar" add-on to go live on either Facebook, Youtube or Workplace
    • Considering having homeowners create a video tour of their home...still working on this idea
    • Currently working on other engaging ideas like preservation bingo interactive social media activity

    I'd love to know what other folks are doing and brainstorm ways to maintain finances.

    April Johnson
    Forum Member
    Executive Director
    Preservation Durham
    Durham, NC

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    Posted 23 hours ago
    My organization, Restore Oregon, also has had to cancel a major fund raiser - our annual Mid-Century Modern home tour and lecture.  We're working on producing a virtual tour (its not that hard to convert the lecture into a webinar), but the best we've come up with so far is to publish our tour booklet with info on the architects and each home, plus see if we can do a 360-degree video tour of at least one of the homes.  This would resemble what some realtors use... but it doesn't appear possible to narrate or caption it.

    Does anyone else have better ideas/video/virtual resources to recommend?

    Forum Member Restore Oregon
    Executive Director
    Restore Oregon
    Portland OR
    503 946-6446

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    Posted an hour ago
    We created this "Tour of Homes" booklet for Preservation Month last year: There's a button to download the entire booklet on that page.

    We followed it up with a webinar/virtual tour of a Federal Home with one of our customers: If you can get a better camera into the home, and include a Q & A session that brings a higher value to the viewers and makes it much more engaging. Consider FB live event or YouTube, not just a virtual self-lead tour.

    Good luck!

    Kathryn Foster
    Portland OR