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"After the Fact" Reviews

  • 1.  "After the Fact" Reviews

    Posted 12 days ago
    Hi Everyone,

    Our community is experiencing an increase in "after the fact" reviews by our Historic Preservation Commission.  Some of the "offenders" are property owners who have been in the district for some time so it is not only due to a lack of awareness. 

    How are other communities addressing "after the fact" situations currently?  

    Thanks, as always, for your input.

    Kathy McKenney

    Historic Planner/Preservation Coordinator

    City of Cumberland

    57 North Liberty Street

    Cumberland, MD 21502

    301-759-6431 (phone)

    301-759-6432 (fax)


  • 2.  RE: "After the Fact" Reviews

    Posted 11 days ago

    I've been on the preservation commission for 7 1/2 years and we've only ever had one After-the-Fact review come to us. (I think there are some that staff dealt with because they were of a more minor nature.) We went through the entire review as if the work had not happened and determined whether we would approve the "proposed" solution or not. For solutions that we felt were inappropriate, the property owner would have to meet with staff and determine next steps. They would either have to return the property to the way it was before, or they would have to find a means of mitigating the damage. They would not be able to get any kind of building permit for any work (including a routine roof replacement, etc.) until they had complied with what was required by the preservation department. 

    I think the real key is having well trained building department/permitting staff that are familiar with preservation policies and are quick to refer a proposal to the preservation staff *before* any permits are issued. 

    Meg Dunn
    Fort Collins CO