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Subject: Introduce yourself

1.  Introduce yourself

Posted 11 days ago
Hello fellow preservationists,

Rebecca had asked me to introduce myself several months back but due to a really busy year I just did not make the time until now. My growing up years in New Mexico provided the foundation for my preservation work even if my work in preservation started during my second career in construction contracting. I have volunteered in preservation as the chair of a city and county preservation commission and ten years as a board member of a statewide organization, culminating in the Chair position. I have served on the board of Preservation Action from 2 states.

Over 25 years of restoring historic buildings and grant writing have now culminated in becoming a leader in climate change - flood mitigation adaptation of our historic buildings as I enter the era of grandchildren. This is not an easy position to advocate for in preservation. I speak nationwide about this issue, providing continuing education programs for architects, structural engineers, code officials and flood plain managers. I am a certified flood plain manager - CFM.

I am encouraged by the slow but steady acknowledgement that we are in a new historic era for our irreplaceable  historic buildings. We must adapt if they are to survive the great changes already underway, climatically and economically. I am available to assist anyone willing to learn about this growing arena of flood risk mitigation adaptation.

Roderick Scott CFM
Flood Mitigation/Historic Building Specialist
L & R Resources, LLC
Mandeville, LA