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Historic Preservation Intern Programs

  • 1.  Historic Preservation Intern Programs

    Posted 6 days ago
    Aloha Everyone--I work with Historic Hawaii Foundation in Honolulu. We are setting up our first historic preservation intern program and I'm looking for ideas on how best to structure such a program and examples of programs you've created and/or participated in.  I'd also appreciate tips for best practices, what you found challenging and any other advice/guidance.
    Thank you and wishes for your health and safety.
    Andrea Nandoskar
    Education Program Manager
    Historic Hawaii Foundation

    Andrea Nandoskar
    Honolulu HI

  • 2.  RE: Historic Preservation Intern Programs

    Posted 6 days ago
    Aloha Andrea,

    All of our students at the University of Oregon historic preservation program have to do a professional internship as part of their degree program. We have found that preparing a workplan that the intern and organization agree on upfront helps assure that everyone is on the same page during the inevitable changes that take place once work starts. It should state what the organization wants as a work product and what the intern hopes to practice while in this position. It's helpful at the end of the internship for everyone to review how well they achieved these goals, particularly for the organization in case they want to adjust their goals or methods of supervision for future internships.

    Good luck in setting this up - we have several interested parties here in Oregon!

    Jim Buckley

    James Buckley
    University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program
    Portland OR

  • 3.  RE: Historic Preservation Intern Programs

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi Andrea,

    I work for the Nevada SHPO and I run our CRM and Public Archaeology internship program. The program has been running for about seven years now and we have trained close to 40 interns from a variety of universities and colleges. We usually take two students per semester, one undergraduate student and one graduate student, and we offer them a choice of receiving credit from their university or college or taking the internship without credit. We do not have the funds to pay them, so we offer them instead references for future job or graduate program applications.

    Much like a class, we give the interns a syllabus at the beginning of the internship, a mid-term (verbal exam) and a final (written exam). We do this to insure they have learned about SHPO, NHPA section 106, NHPA section 110, and they have done the required reading. During the internship they work on a variety of projects including conducting site condition assessments, updating site forms, using GIS to create maps, and working with volunteers. Basically they help out on whatever we are working on.

    If you would like, I can send you our syllabus, all of our internship paperwork, an example of our exams, and a list of projects and workshops the interns have worked on. And you can view our internship page on our website:


    Samantha Rubinson
    NSHPO Southern Representative and
    Nevada Site Stewardship Program Coordinator
    Nevada State Historic Preservation Office
    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
    4747 W Vegas Dr., Las Vegas NV 89108
    (O)702-486-5011 (F)702-486-5186

    Samantha Rubinson
    SHPO Southern Nevada Representative
    Nevada SHPO
    Las Vegas NV