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Where Are Preservation Lawyers in Houston?

  • 1.  Where Are Preservation Lawyers in Houston?

    Posted 08-13-2019 14:48
    August 13, 2019
    Where are the preservation lawyers in Houston, Harris County, Texas that do pro bono?
    Freedman's Town and its nonprofits under constant attack from HCAD, property taxes and dirty, incompetent lawyers.
    Where are the decent lawyers passionate about the practice of law? The public is fooled that lawyers can practice law when they are legally prohibited from such as well as serving as judge, elected official, etc. Preservation Leadership Forum is ideal entity to go back into history and view original heritage documents of Continental Congress and Constitution and disclose such information. I recently located the original 13th amendment and its 20 sections--very interesting.
    March 1933 when United States declared bankruptcy is another educational heritage document or moment in history.
    How the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal at all but fools the public that it is. President Trump lacks jurisdiction to dictate to it because it is not a governmental entity. Even the U.S. is a business, not a government. Everyone else has queen and king but in U.S. it is president. Research!

    Gladys House
    Manager, Community Development Corp of Freedmen's Town
    Community Development Corp of Freedmen's Town
    Houston TX