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1.  Preservation engineering workshops / summer schools

Posted 26 days ago
Edited by Rebecca Napolitano 25 days ago
Hi! I am a civil engineering PhD candidate at Princeton and I was hoping that with all the diverse background of people on this forum, there might be some good advice for preservation workshops/summer schools.  I would love to come up with a list so that I could share it with my undergraduate students as I try to get them interested in the field. Specifically if anyone knows of any workshops/summer schools that deal directly with preservation engineering, structural analysis, documentation, non-destructive testing, structural health monitoring for heritage structures, material science, etc that would be helpful. Any any duration or location is good! I think it would be nice to have a blend of short, one-week courses, and longer summer courses if possible. Thanks in advance for any help!
All the best,

For starters, I already know and love the San Gemini Preservation Program "Touching the stones".

Rebecca Napolitano
PhD Candidate
Princeton University
Princeton NJ

2.  RE: Preservation engineering workshops / summer schools

Posted 25 days ago
The Traditional Building Conference might be a good option for you.  This year it is actually in Princeton July 18-19, so should be a very convenient option.  Two day conference that focuses on traditional building materials and methods, restoration and preservation, and pulls together a large,  diverse group.  It is a great event for education and for networking.  Not a very lengthy event, but might be a nice alternative.

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Posted 25 days ago
Take a look at the Preservation Institute on Nantucket, MA, run by the University of Florida, a summer program for graduate credit. Emphasis is on architecture but I believe documentation is a part of the program, and perhaps it would be possible for the right student to custom-design a curriculum.

Elizabeth Watson, AICP
Heritage Strategies, LLC
Chestertown MD

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Posted 25 days ago
The University of Oregon's Historic Preservation Program offers an annual Summer Field School at historic sites in the Pacific Northwest.  Students can take 1 - 4 weeks of training in documentation, materials testing and science, repair of building elements, etc.  Each week focuses on a different set of skills.  Sites have included historic ranches, houses, and park structures.

Information on the Pacific Northwest Field School is available at

James Buckley
University of Oregon Historic Preservation Program
Portland OR
(503) 412-3763

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Posted 24 days ago
The University of Oregon programs are definitely heavy on documentation. The US-based Pacific Northwest program rotates locations amongst OR, WA, ID, and AK. The study abroad has lately been Croatia.

Timothy Askin
Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission
Milwaukee WI

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Posted 24 days ago

Hi Rebecca,

The University of Kentucky offers a preservation field school every summer. The focus and length vary. Last summer the course focused on a mid-20th-century residential neighborhood here in Lexington. This summer's iteration will examine a site in eastern Kentucky and engage questions about the challenges and possibilities of preservation in Appalachia. We always integrate training with traditional methods of documentation with exploration of new technologies, landscape analysis, and ethnographic methods.

You can read a little about last summer's field school at

If you want to know more about this summer's school, please contact me directly at


Daniel Vivian
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Historic Preservation
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 323-6392

7.  RE: Preservation engineering workshops / summer schools

Posted 23 days ago
Would you be interested in a paid internship with a preservation engineering firm in New York City?  Norfast Engineering hires an intern every summer. We are working on Moynihan Station, John Jay College, Macy's Fulton Street, as well as several smaller projects.

If you are interested, email me

Michelle Noris, PE
Astoria NY

8.  RE: Preservation engineering workshops / summer schools

Posted 13 days ago

Hi Rebecca,

Here are a few additional programs to add to your list.

HistoriCorps Institute

"Through the HistoriCorps Institute Program in Heritage Conservation and Construction, you will learn the skills necessary to successfully complete a preservation construction project on time, on budget, and with the quality deserving of historic places.  Projects take place throughout the year at locations all over the United States in rural, suburban and urban contexts." This year's projects are listed in this catalog

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest In Virginia puts out two field schools in the summer; one dedicated to archaeology and one to the architectural history

Adventures in Preservation provide hands-on preservation "vacations" in the US and Europe. Check this year's program at

Additional programs in Europe that I am aware of, besides previously mentioned, the University of Oregon's Croatia Conservation Field School are:

Balkan Heritage Field School – a plethora of archaeological or historic preservation projects in South East Europe

The Attingham Summer School  -  an intensive program devoted to the study of historic country houses and their collections, based in three different centers throughout the United Kingdom

The Willowbank Canova Field School program involves documenting and revitalizing an abandoned medieval stone village near Milan. BTW, School of Restoration Arts at Willowbank offers a 3-year graduation program that blends hands-on teaching with theoretical approaches.

Melita Jureša-McDonald
Information & Content Specialist
National Trust for Historic Preservation
San Francisco, CA

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Posted 10 days ago
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​Hello, This summer the School of Architecture and Planning, Historic Preservation and Regionalism Program will be hosting an international workshop/course on the conservation and restoration of earthen architecture at Pecos National Historical Park, New Mexico.  Presenters and experts from the US and Mexico will be present to lead the course and workshop.  Please contact Francisco for further information at

Francisco Uviña-Contreras

Interim Director, Historic Preservation and Regionalism Graduate Certificate Program

School of Architecture and Planning

University of New Mexico

TICRAT workshop flyer

Francisco Uviña
Interim Director
School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico
Albuquerque NM


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