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1.  Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-02-2017 10:00
Edited by Rebecca Bice 05-30-2017 17:04
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to your very first thread on Forum Connect. Please take a moment to respond and introduce yourself to the group!

I'll start; my name is Rebecca, and I'm your Forum Connect community manager. I have been working at the National Trust for Historic Preservation for three years and on this project specifically for two years. Needless to say, I am really excited to see this go live! I spend hours biking around DC, watch a lot of Bollywood and love spending time near the Chesapeake Bay.

Now please tell me more about you (hint: click "Reply to Discussion"), and thank you for joining us!

Rebecca Bice
Associate Manager for Forum Member Engagement
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington DC

2.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-02-2017 14:22

Hello all!

My name is Alison and I've been with the Trust for about three and a half years, mostly working on coordinating our Preservation Leadership Trainings and the PastForward Conference (Chicago 2017!). A few quick facts about me: I grew up in the nearby suburb of Arlington, Virginia, I absolutely love musicals, and I'm currently reading a fascinating piece of dystopian fiction called 'American War'.  I look forward to working with this Community and seeing all the ideas it will generate!


Alison Yue
Coordinator, Preservation Programs
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington, DC

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Posted 05-03-2017 12:39
Hi!  I'm Suzanne Germann from Landmarks Illinois.  Glad to be part of the group.

Suzanne Germann
Landmarks Illinois
Chicago IL

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Posted 05-30-2017 16:40
Hi Everyone,

My name is Kathy and I am graduate student at Boston Architectural College in Boston, MA. I am also a member of my local historical commission. I look forward to meeting you all on-line and hearing your ideas and insights.

Kathy Keller
Carlisle MA

5.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-03-2017 12:39
Hello Everyone,
My name is Jamesha Gibson and I am currently a student at University of Maryland. I've previously worked at the National Trust as an editorial and programmatic diversity intern. I'm excited to meet everyone, and can't wait to engage with you all about your ideas, perspectives, and resources regarding the preservation field!

Jamesha Gibson

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Posted 05-25-2017 10:27
Hello from Alabama. My name is Stephen McNair and I own a historic preservation consulting firm in Mobile. We specialize in National Register projects, historic tax credit projects, design, compliance (106), and government relations. You can see more at Home Page - McNair Historic Preservation

I look forward to interacting with everyone across the country and of course supporting the mission of the National Trust.


Stephen McNair, Ph.D.
McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.
Mobile, AL

7.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 07-02-2017 14:29

Greetings from Maine!

I help people understand and maintain their older and historic buildings. You can catch up with me at my two websites:

by hammer and hand great works do stand,
by pen and thought best words are wrought.

John Leeke, American Preservationeer
26 Higgins St.
Portland, ME  04103

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Posted 07-03-2017 14:02
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Hello! I'm the executive director of the Nevada Preservation Foundation. We are located in Las Vegas but work across the state doing historic designation campaigns for neighborhoods, individual nominations, and historic tax credit applications. We also curate the archives of Hugh E. Taylor, a mid-century architect who designed many of the homes and neighborhoods that make up early Las Vegas. Lastly, we host an annual 3-day heritage tourism event Home + History Las Vegas.

We are still pretty new. In October, will be celebrating our fourth birthday. It has been quite the ride since we started and we are excited to be part of historic preservation nationally.

Heidi Swank
Las Vegas NV

9.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 07-11-2017 19:35
11th of July 2017

After missing a few years, just rejoining the group in this new format. My name is Z. I. Sanchez, it is just z to friends and colleagues, so glad to meet you all. 

I run  zStudio, my own full service architectural, design and planning studio. Focusing on historic preservation and sustainable community planning. Which definitely includes  working with non-profits and others, on adaptive re-use of the significant quality and quantity of historic building stock here in New York: in the city, the Catskills, also within the historic Hudson and Mohawk Valleys. Providing a multitude of uses, from small business incubators, to charter schools and live/work lofts; all contributing to the revitalization of older villages or city neighborhoods; a very old on-going process, which lately seems to be called re-urbanism?
I am a Registered Architect in the State of NY; a nationally certified Sustainable Building Advisor; and a NY Dept of State Code Official. And I have taken several LEED trainings in sustainable community planning and existing buildings, with working experience on LEED projects.
After years of traveling and working in some of the most historic places in Europe, while based in London; and then teaching architectural history, design and sustainability at one of the state university campuses; my studio and I are now based back in my home town of NYC. But still very interested in continuing travels nationally and abroad, to experience, serve and learn from historic, treasured communities around the world. One outstanding adventure, thanks to a teacher's travel grant, was Cuba and it's UNESCO World Heritage site of Old Havana, in 2010.
So looking forward to an exchange of old ideas, with new names; and of new ideas, methods and tools, all to protect, rehab and or re-envision new life and uses for our oldest buildings, towns and villages. Their special sense of place is always aspired to by many new development formats; but rarely achieved.
So I am wholeheartedly in, on saving the originals: from individual historic buildings and squares to whole neighborhoods, villages and towns.
Feel free to reach out, email is below,

zStudio M/WBE
architecture planning preservation sustainability
Ms Z. I. Sanchez, Architect
certified/Sustainable Building Advisor
NY Dept of State certified/Code Enforcement Official

10.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 02-28-2018 16:18
​Hi Preservation Community, I'm Rick Ferrer, Broward County, Florida's Historic Preservation Officer. I'm pleased to join Forum and you all at this chat space. We all lead busy lives in support of preservation but I always try to take time to read over the interesting commentaries, inquiries and concerns that are expressed. Thank you and a warm (literally) greeting from South Florida to everyone! - RF

Rick Ferrer
Historic Preservation Officer
Broward County PDMD
Ft Lauderdale FL

11.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-03-2017 12:39
Edited by Rebecca Bice 05-10-2017 18:12

Early adopter here, writing from Macon, Georgia.  I work for Historic Macon Foundation as their Preservation Designer. Before transitioning into preservation work, I designed sets for theatrical productions such as Chicago, Sister Act and Boeing, Boeing.  I also enjoy yoga where I strive to burn off the calories from my taco addiction.

Thank you  for the opportunity to test the Forum.  It's a much needed resource.


Sabrinna Cox
Preservation Designer
Historic Macon Foundation
Macon, GA

12.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-04-2017 11:09
Edited by Rebecca Bice 05-10-2017 18:07
Hi everybody! I work at The L'Enfant Trust in D.C. mainly with our easement program.  Looking forward to working with you all to get this Forum going!


Kate Kenwright
Historic Preservation Specialist
The L'Enfant Trust
Washington DC

13.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-04-2017 11:26
Greetings fellow 'Early Adopters!'

It has indeed been a long path coming to this phase of the forum--and I hope to see and participate in many interesting conversations going forward.

I am Co-Director of SystemsChange.Org, a consulting practice here in the rural outpost of Western NY State.  These days I am mostly working with tax credit adaptive reuse projects, with concentration on the underwriting and community development aspects of that.


Patrick Thrush
Bath NY

14.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-04-2017 12:45
Hi all,
Glad to be part of the early group here. I've been working in preservation for 25 years but every day is new. The supportive and collaborative community of preservation helps keep me going and my hope is that Forum Connect will be another tool to foster our networks and community.

Kirk Huffaker
Executive Director
Preservation Utah
Salt Lake City UT
(801) 533-0858 (105)

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Posted 05-04-2017 15:06
Hi all! I work for a regional non-profit preservation organization based in Rochester, NY.  I'm also involved with the Rust Belt Coalition of Young Preservationists. We have meetups in different rust belt cities a few times per year. In May we'll be in St. Louis. In July, our young preservationists group will be hosting. Learn more about us: RBCoYP!

Besides preservation, I like running, hiking, exploring new cities, and drinking good beer and eating good food. I have two dogs and two cats and am lobbying my husband for a third dog. :-)

Caitlin Meives
Preservation Planner
The Landmark Society of Western New York
Rochester NY

16.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-04-2017 16:52
Hi Everyone!

Great to finally see this up and running! I'm Marais Bjornberg and a lifetime Minneapolis, MN resident. I now work for the Minnesota Historical Society as a Project Manager in the Facilities - Historic Properties department. I work on the everyday repair and maintenance of the Historic Sites that we operate and care for across the state. Excited to hear what everyone else is doing!

Marais Bjornberg
Minneapolis MN

17.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-05-2017 09:58
Happy Friday! Honored to be part of the early adopters group.

I'm director at a preservation/neighborhood nonprofit in Jacksonville, Florida. I've been here for a year, and prior to that I worked in local government planning for a small coastal city north of Jacksonville (where I still live). I managed the preservation program there for eight years.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Adrienne Burke
Executive Director
Riverside Avondale Preservation
Jacksonville FL

18.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-05-2017 14:06
Happy Friday!

Happy to be here with all of you. I've been an ED since 2005, after graduating from UGA. Thomasville Landmarks (in GA) and Providence Preservation (in RI) were both crazy enough to hire me. To maintain my own sanity, I run a lot. In fact, this Sunday is my 2nd half marathon of the year. The third is on July 1st which, in most parts of the country, would be way too hot.

Brent Runyon
Executive Director
Providence Preservation Society
Providence RI

19.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-08-2017 12:04
Happy Monday to you all!
My name is Bob Hotes, and I am a Senior Historic Preservation Expert at EYP, where I focus on projects for our government, higher ed, and other institutional clients.
Looking forward to some lively discussion.

Robert Hotes
Senior Historic Preservation Expert
EYP Architecture & Engineering
Washington DC

20.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-10-2017 16:57
Hello, I am A. J. Brigati. I direct sponsored programs here at Birmingham-Southern College. We have some great historic buildings here on campus and in the surrounding communities. While I have experience in these types of capital improvement projects, I look forward to exchanging ideas and gaining some new strategies.

A J Brigati
Birmingham-Southern College
Birmingham AL

21.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-14-2017 16:37

Hi Fellow Early Adopters -

My name is Grant Stevens and I've been with the National Trust for almost 4 years. I'm the Senior Manager of Community Outreach and am based in our Denver Field Office; I primarily work on marketing campaigns (online, in-person, or both) for our National Treasures and am Project Manager for our Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Portland, Oregon) National Treasure campaign.

I'm often out on the road for the National Trust, but when I'm back in Denver you can find me running (I've noticed several other folks are runners here too!), out in the mountains, or exploring the city. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all more in the months to come!


Grant Stevens

22.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-16-2017 12:40
Hello everyone!

I am so excited that the community has launched. My name is Priya and I am a manager of online content here at the National Trust. I am about to celebrate my 11th year with the organization where I manage the website, blogs, and other pieces of online content for Preservation Leadership Forum. So basically if you have a story to tell let me know!

I am a public historian by training- I went to William and Mary and American University-- who loves thinking about history and storytelling (and anything Star Wars related).

Priya Chhaya
Manager, Online Content and Products
Washington DC

23.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-17-2017 18:18
Hello everyone,

I'm Reina Chano Murray, and I'm the GIS Project Manager at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I've been with the Trust for two years now, and I love all things related to maps and preservation, which has made the Trust a good place to be. You can see some of our recent web applications here. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you all!


Reina Murray
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Washington VA

24.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-17-2017 18:42
Hi, fellow historical preservationists!  I am Peter Garnham, President of the Board of Trustees of the Amagansett Historical Association. Our site is in Amagansett, Long Island, NY.  We have a 1725 cottage museum,  a small collection of local carts, wagons, and carriages, and a new archival facility that is currently focused on sorting, conserving, and digitizing a collection of approximately 5,000 photographic images of local people and structures. Our site is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

This archive is housed in a 1805 house that was donated and moved to our site, and is now restored and equipped with climate control. We are all volunteers, and this summer will have help from a young but experienced intern. We are active in local preservation efforts, and helped to establish two historic districts in our hamlet. Despite our small size, we try to do everything to the highest professional standards. This costs more, of course, but we take our stewardship seriously.

Peter Garnham
Amagansett Historical Association
Amagansett NY
PeterGarnhamAmagansett Historical Association

25.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-18-2017 12:28
Hi Folks, I'm Bob Yapp and have been a member of the Trust for so long I can't remember when I first joined. I am the President of Preservation Resources, Inc, a multi-tiered historic preservation consulting firm as well as the founder of the Belvedere School for Hands-On Preservation in Hannibal, Missouri. I'm looking forward to the conversations here.

Bob Yapp, President
Preservation Resources, Inc.
Belvedere School for Hands-On Preservation
The Belvedere Inn B & B
521 Bird Street
Hannibal, MO 63401

Bob Yapp
Hannibal MO

26.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-18-2017 14:43
Hello, everyone! I'm Barbara Howard and I'm excited to see this Forum resource up and running! I've been working in preservation for two decades, with the majority of that time at the Iowa and Minnesota Historic Preservation Offices. Last year, I decided to leave SHPO-dom to focus on a new way of delivering preservation education online. Stonebridge Learning is just now getting off the ground and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me. Feel free to connect with me here or at

Barbara Howard
Stonebridge Learning, LLC
Minneapolis MN

27.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-19-2017 11:06
Hello! I'm the coordinator for a relatively new revolving fund nonprofit called Vital Sites. We are ramping up to be a force for sustainable redevelopment here in Louisville, KY! Our first project will be the rehabilitation and sale of a row of five, ca. 1890 shotgun houses.

I like to say that preservation is my second career. My undergraduate degree is Chemical Engineering, and I worked for about 9 years with the State of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources in both Air and Land Protection. I decided I needed a change and completed my Master's in Heritage Preservation about 2.5 years ago. I worked in research and administration for a small history nonprofit in Atlanta, and last summer was happy to move my family back to my hometown of Louisville, KY to work for Vital Sites.

I love the stories of old buildings, and the stories of my ancestors - big genealogy fan!

Jessica McCarron
Louisville Preservation Fund DBA Vital Sites
Louisville, KY

28.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-19-2017 12:13
My name is Bethany Emenhiser and I have been working as the Historic Preservation Program Manager for the City of Bloomington, Indiana for about two years now.

Bethany Emenhiser
Program Manager Historic Preservation
Housing and Neighborhood Development
P.O. Box 100, Suite 130
Bloomington, IN 47402

29.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-22-2017 12:19
Hello everyone,

Aaron Marcavitch, Executive Director of Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area, a certified Maryland Heritage Area based in Northern Prince George's County (just outside DC).  We work to preserve and promote the history, art, culture, and natural resources of this region.  We are a state level heritage area, which is pretty unique.  We are developing a visitors center, have led the War of 1812 bicentennial, and now focus on bicycle tourism.  At the core of the heritage area is Historic Greenbelt, a planned utopian community. Also included are a long history (from rivers to rockets) of transportation and communication as well as historic houses, trails, and an arts district.

I have my degree in Historic Preservation from Roger Williams University (1995, Go Hawks) and my masters in Public History from Middle Tennessee State University (2005, Go Blue Raiders).  I've worked on Nantucket Island at the Historic District Commission and as the Director of Housing Nantucket (affordable housing) before coming here in 2010.  I study leisure related architecture mostly (roadside, amusement park, camps, etc.) but am interested in most history between 1880 and 1930.

Aaron Marcavitch

Forum Member Maryland Milestones
Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc.
Hyattsville MD

30.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-22-2017 16:29
Hello! I'm Kim Trent, the executive director of Knox Heritage in Knoxville, Tennessee. We've been a National Trust Partner since 2003 and have learned so much from our colleagues around the country. I look forward to networking and learning with everyone!


Kim Trent
Executive Director
Knox Heritage, Inc.
Knoxville TN

31.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-23-2017 11:07
Hi Everyone,

This is John Staicer with Historic Madison, Inc. in beautiful Madison, IN.  HMI has been a local partner since 2006.  We are currently in the middle of a major rehabilitation of the Shrewsbury-Windle House National Historic Landmark, one of the 15 properties we own, operate and maintain.  The Trust was very helpful with early grant funding to help us with our preservation plan to get this project rolling.   Thanks to all our friends at the Trust and the Partners who have assisted us in so many ways with this and other projects the past few years.

One of my favorite parts of the project at Shrewsbury-Windle House is taking place right now - the conservation of the original, never refinished, 1859 varnish-over-paint finishes in the Drawing Room of the home.  Check us out on facebook or our website Historic Madison, Inc..

In my spare time, I'm repairing the 1920s masonry porch on my shotgun home.  It's an unusual combination of cement brick laid in black mortar (made from coal soot?) and then parge coated with the masonry joints struck to maintain the look of brick.  I'd be interested to hear if anyone has come across anything like this.

Looking forward to keeping up with all of you!

John Staicer
Historic Madison, Inc.
Madison IN

32.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-23-2017 16:23
Hi Everyone,
Advisor Pam O'Connor chiming in from rainy Kalamazoo, MI.  Glad to join you all, and thanks to the Trust for getting Forum Connect up and running!

Pamela O'Connor
Preservation Practices
Kalamazoo MI

33.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-24-2017 07:45
Good morning!
Happy to be joining this group of preservation friends and advocates.
I am the Executive Director of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network and previously ran the St. Croix Landmarks Society on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands (tough job, but someone had to do it :-)
Looking forward to sharing and receiving great information.

Nancy Finegood
Michigan Historic Preservation Network
Lansing, MI

34.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-24-2017 09:15
Good morning everyone! This is Linda Stevenson, I am a preservation architect and an adjunct professor in the University of Florida's Historic Preservation program. Looking forward to great discussions and knowledge-sharing with colleagues. And also the inspiration and encouragement that comes from interaction with smart and dedicated fellow preservationists.

Linda Stevenson, PhD, RA, LEED AP
Stevenson Architects, Inc
Bradenton FL

35.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-24-2017 09:43
Greeting. I'm a consultant in southwestern New Jersey. I came to historic preservation by activating in my community and by working as a designer for a preservation architect after careers in biology, photography, and civil engineering. I received my Master's degree at the University of Delaware and specialize in building documentation, National Register nominations, and surveys. Looking forward to being part of this forum.

Janet Sheridan
Down Jersey Heritage Reserach LLC
Salem NJ

36.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-24-2017 16:29
Hi Everyone,

I'm Ross Bradford, and I've been an attorney for the National Trust since 2004. I focus on real estate transactions for the organization, and I also oversee our easement program staff. If you have questions about preservation easements, feel free to reach out to me. Check my bio out to see what other areas I focus on here at the National Trust!


P 202.588.6252 F 202.588.6272
The Watergate Office Building
2600 Virginia Avenue NW Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20037

37.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-30-2017 17:19
I am Dolly MacIntyre with Dade Heritage Trust in Miami.  I have been a preservationist for 51 years in a very challenging community with a transient population (getting less so) and intense development.  I am also with the Villagers, an organization dedicated to preservation which to date has given $1,500,000 to historic sites and scholarships.

Dolly MacIntyre
Coral Gables FL

38.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-30-2017 17:39
Hi this is Brian Turner. I'm a field attorney for the National Trust based in San Francisco and excited to be a part of the group.

Brian Turner
San Franciso CA

39.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-30-2017 20:44
Hello!  This is Will Cook, an associate general counsel at the National Trust.  I work primarily on legal advocacy and litigation issues, with an emphasis on local law, constitutional issues, and issues related to the National Historic Preservation Act.  I look forward to being a part of this Forum Connect community.

Will Cook
Washington DC

40.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-31-2017 12:11
Hi everyone,

Its great to see all the fellow SCAD graduates or current students on this thread. I received my M.F.A. in HP from SCAD in 1996 so I've been working in the history/historic preservation/small museum field for quite awhile now. My work began in Northeast Georgia where my family had moved in the 1980s from Florida, and continued at the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah. Marriage to a Hoosier brought me to Bloomington, Indiana, in 2001, where I worked for a local preservation non-profit interspersed with survey work for Indiana Landmarks. I've moved on from employment in the non-profit sector to private consulting work, but I remain involved in history/preservation non-profits as well as local government HP boards. I've traded involvement with the White County Historical Society (Cleveland, GA) and Vernacular Georgia many years ago, with involvement in the Hinkle-Garton Farmstead (Bloomington, IN) and the Indiana Barn Foundation. However, research and writing, particularly for National Register nominations, is my current passion of work within the field. And I still thoroughly enjoy working with local folks in small towns and rural areas, getting to know people and connect with their lives and histories. So when I can combine the two it is very rewarding. 

Danielle Bachant-Bell
Lord and Bach Heritage Preservation Consulting
605 W. Allen St.
Bloomington, IN 47403
812-336-6141 H/ 812-360-6544 C

Vice Chair, Monroe County Historic Preservation Board of Review 
Monroe County Representative, Indiana Barn Foundation 
Museum Committee chair and Volunteer Coordinator, Hinkle-Garton Farmstead Museum & Historic Site

41.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-30-2017 18:35
Hello everyone! I graduated with an MA in historic preservation from Savannah College of Art & Design last June. While in grad school I worked at a private historic preservation firm in Augusta, Maine. Following graduation I interned at Preservation Timber Framing and Maine Preservation. I have just started working at Gray & Pape Heritage Management. Looking forward to seeing future discussions!

Kendal Anderson
Portland ME

42.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 05-30-2017 19:36
Hello everyone,

My name is Jennifer Childs. I currently live in Ferndale, MI. I am currently studying at SCAD online obtaining an MA in Historic Preservation. I hope to be done with my MA by spring 2018. I hope Historic Preservation will further expand my career possibilities  allowing to me work on preserving historic buildings for future generations. Prior to this, I had worked on a variety of projects in Interior Design over the last 15 years. My skills were put to use in very creative and innovative interiors such as High end Retail Developments, Restaurants, Spas, and Hotels. My career has given me many travel opportunities and really cool projects with excellent clients. I lived and works in Shanghai for 5 years, Bahrain and Dubai for 3 years. I recently relocated back to the US.

My husband are considering relocating to any of the following: West Coast of the US, Vancouver, The Netherlands, New Zealand, or Singapore. Please let me know if you have advice or leads to possible preservation jobs in any of these locations.

Looking forward to being a part of this community.

Jennifer Childs

Jennifer Childs
Historic Preservationist

43.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 06-01-2017 16:32
Hello everyone. I'm Jim Sparks, living in a small town in Kentucky. I'm an architect, retired after a long public sector career, primarily with state government. I have a consulting firm I call the Living At Home Studio from which I design accessibility, energy efficiency, and hazard remediation strategies for historic buildings. My hobby is visiting historic cities and sites. I love Colonial Williamsburg, New Orleans, D.C. etc., and am lucky to live near Shaker village of Pleasant HIll. I look forward to participating in the forum.

Jim Sparks
Glasgow KY

44.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 06-03-2017 11:35
Hi! I'm an architect, trained in the East but born and living in the West. Very interested in historic construction, details and colors - and land use and planning.

Caroline Labiner
Beverly Hills CA

45.  RE: Introduce Yourself

Posted 06-05-2017 16:00
Hello all, I'm excited to see this new platform and community. My name is Moira and I work at the National Trust in our Easement Program. I'm also an Executive Committee member of Latinos in Heritage Conservation (check us out! Prior to the National Trust, I worked at the New Jersey SHPO and for Donna Harris at Heritage Consulting, Inc. I've been lucky to live in such great places as New Orleans, Santo Domingo, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and now Washington, D.C. I look forward to engaging with you and hope to see some of you at PastForward 2017 in Chicago!

Moira Nadal
Washington DC

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