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Revolving Funds - good models?

  • 1.  Revolving Funds - good models?

    Posted 07-30-2020 15:59
    We recently received an inquiry about revolving funds programs from an agency interested in launching one. It would include but not necessarily be limited to historic properties. I know there have been successful programs in the past and I have the SCAD report from 2014, but I'm not sure of the current status of any of them. If you have a successful program in your state, please let me know! I'm especially interested in government-run programs or partnerships. Links to the program pages are most welcome.
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Nell Ziehl
    Maryland Historical Trust
    Crownsville MD

  • 2.  RE: Revolving Funds - good models?

    Posted 08-19-2020 16:45
    @Nell Ziehl Sorry about the delay. Even though I know we emailed a little I asked around and was told that three you want to dig into are

    • Historic Boston 
    • Preservation North Carolina
    • Historic Macon 


    Priya Chhaya
    Associate Director, of Content
    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Washington DC

  • 3.  RE: Revolving Funds - good models?

    Posted 08-20-2020 11:59

    Check out the Providence Revolving Fund as well!

    All best,

    Marisa Brown
    Brown Center for Public Humanities, Brown University
    Providence RI

  • 4.  RE: Revolving Funds - good models?

    Posted 08-20-2020 14:48
    Some others to look into are in Georgia: Savannah, Macon, and Thomasville, GA

    Alissa Lotane
    Tallahassee FL

  • 5.  RE: Revolving Funds - good models?

    Posted 08-21-2020 09:36
    Michigan Historic Preservation Network's Revolving Fund program is unique, since it offers intervention loans and pre-development loans.
    Nancy Finegood
    mobile: 517-980-2992