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African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant Map

  • 1.  African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant Map

    Posted 08-15-2018 11:07

    We don't do a map like this with all of our National Trust grant programs, but several people have asked, so we just posted some more information on the projects (as well as an interactive map) that were funded through the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund (AACHAF). Is this something that anyone would be interested in seeing for our other grant programs?

    I spoke with an applicant a couple weeks ago who was interested in connecting with other applicants to the AACHAF. In that vein (whether you applied to the fund or not) are you working on projects that are connected to an African American site?

    Diana Maxwell
    Grants Manager
    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Washington DC

  • 2.  RE: African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant Map

    Posted 08-16-2018 06:40
    Hi Diana,

    I have been working with neighbors and studying the history of an important site of African American history in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over 10 years. The Auburn Hills neighborhood was developed in the early 1960s in response to red-lining/housing discrimination. We believe the neighborhood is unique as the land was purchased and developed by African Americans. Eventually our goal is a National Register Nomination, website, walking tour, oral histories, and physical signage. We have given lectures on the neighborhood history, wrote online articles, and the neighbors have organized recognition ceremonies for the original families which has helped to disseminate the story - which is the ultimate goal.

    Jennifer Metz
    Past Perfect, Inc.
    Grand Rapids MI

  • 3.  RE: African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant Map

    Posted 08-17-2018 07:23
    This area of discussion is interesting to me as an African American, a preservationist, being involved with a historic site and a being involved in our NYS Historic Register approval process. Some time ago we participated for several years running with the National Trust and the 1772 Foundation with a sponsored program of African American Historic Sites in the Northeast United States. It was great to have an introduction to what so many other people were doing around the Northeast alone! There were historic houses, historic districts, cemeteries, museums and farms with historic connections. One of the outgrowths of those meetings was a list serv of African American historic sites and people involved in them. It still continues though it is not used very actively.

    Having some kind of map or listing of sites around the country would be a real eye opener for many who feel their efforts are alone or isolated. Even a guide that might be periodically updated would be a great feature. It might even encourage tourism. It would definitely encourage inter site and inter program support. Many times national associations (such as the National Association of African American Museums) provide some connectivity but it is limited to museums and so historic sites, individual projects and non=member sites are left out. Certainly historic districts are left out. 

    Perhaps this is a project that the National Trust might lead?

    -Paul Stewart

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    Posted 08-17-2018 21:11
    Hello. My name is Liza Scruggs and I am President if the Wilfandel Club, Inc  innLos Angeles, CA. Founded in 1945, we are the oldest African American organization in the city and we are an extremely proud recipient of one of the 16 inaugural awards. Ours is a capital grant to make plumbing, electrical and foundation upgrades to our Clubhouse, built in 1912, which we have owned since 1948. 

    I think that the mapping of grants is an excellent idea because it provides a geographic perspective of our collective preservation projects. I commend Diana Maxwell for initiating this effort. 
    Liza Scruggs 

    Liza G. Scruggs, Ph. D.
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  • 5.  RE: African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund Grant Map

    Posted 08-16-2018 10:02
    Good morning Diana,

    I think it would be a great idea to map other grant funded projects. It helps to see what others are doing, what works, and how to building on other people's ideas.

    Yes, we too are developing preservation efforts in historically African-American communities.

    April Johnson Forum Member
    Executive Director
    Preservation Durham
    Durham, NC