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History People = Survival Skills: #MuseumSurvivalKit Invitation June 1-7

  • 1.  History People = Survival Skills: #MuseumSurvivalKit Invitation June 1-7

    Posted 05-22-2020 00:27
    It is our belief that many of the things we need to know to survive difficult times, shortages, boredom, and even pandemics can be found in the history of our communities and the actions of our ancestors. It is furthermore our belief that much of this cultural knowledge is held within historic sites and organizations. Thus, #MuseumSurvivalKit was born, and June 1-7 is #MuseumSurvivalKit Week.

    Museums, historic sites, and their patrons are invited to share survival skills inspired by their heritage, collections, or sites. Institutions and individuals will build this virtual survival kit of videos, Instagram or Facebook posts, or blog entries tagged with #MuseumSurvivalKit. Together, these posts will demonstrate the incredible range of creative ways our ancestors and contemporary communities have found to care for themselves and others during tough times.

    Why #MuseumSurvivalKit?
    Our communities are facing many challenges during COVID-19. Museums are not just storytelling organizations – they preserve and sustain the knowledge our ancestors developed when facing hard times past. Our ancestors did hard things and we can, too.

    How does it work?
    1-Sign up to participate in the Google Form listed at the bottom of this message.
    2-Identify a skill: deep survival, lifting the spirit, bringing comfort, or creative entertainment.
    3- Design your skill. Download and use our Graphics Package (found on the website listed at the top) to build a shareable social media story. This may be a video, an Instagram post, a Twitter thread, or a Facebook post.
    4- Post and share using the #MuseumSurvivalKit hashtag from June 1-7.


    Jackie Barton
    Cultural Heritage Partners
    Westerville OH
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