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Easement management best practices

  • 1.  Easement management best practices

    Posted 04-16-2020 12:02
    Dear Forum members,

    I am the easement manager at Historic Charleston Foundation.  During this time of working from home, I am updating our easement policies and procedures.  A couple questions came up that I thought I'd present to this group for feedback.
    1- We are thinking about requiring easement holders to pay a fee to cover staff time to evaluate requests for alterations on easement properties.  Do other easement holding organizations do this?
    2- Currently, we post mail all of our inspection reports.  Postage adds up over time and we are considering other ways to send post inspection reports to property owners.  Does anyone have thoughts on the appropriateness of sending inspection reports digitally?

    Thank you!

    April Wood
    Manager of Easements and Technical Outreach
    Historic Charleston Foundation
    Charleston SC

  • 2.  RE: Easement management best practices

    Posted 04-17-2020 07:53
    I'll share what Heritage Ohio is doing regarding easement practices:
    1) We have an annual monitoring fee that we include in the easement deed to underwrite our costs for alteration admin. If the property owner would propose an amendment to the deed agreement to cover something like additional interior elements, additional buildings, etc, we would likely adjust our annual monitoring fee upward to cover the additional admin time.
    2) I've started experimenting with scanning our annual monitoring reports, putting them in dropbox, and sharing the dropbox folder with the owner. If the owner also still wants a paper copy we're happy to snail mail that along also.


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