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Past Forward 2018 Thoughts

  • 1.  Past Forward 2018 Thoughts

    Posted 11-16-2018 18:55

    I just finished filling out the after-conference survey for PastForward 2018 (Thanks to the fact that our flight has been pushed back two hours due to smoke and lack of visibility so I've suddenly got a little extra time to do that.) and there were two questions that I'd love to hear other people's answers to.

    "What was the most valuable conference take-away?"


    "If you plan on attending PastForward 2019, what topics would you like to see covered at the conference?"

    I wish I had thought to post this while I still had my survey up and could cut and paste my answers. Oh well.  I wrote a lot, but the short version would be: The most valuable conference take away for me was that a focus on intangible heritage could provide a tool for retaining and strengthening a sense of place while still providing room for growth and change (in a way that designation might not). And in terms of next year, I'd like to hear more about how preservationists can be innovators and advocates for creative means of allowing for more density/growth while providing tools and frameworks for retaining character and history. 

    How about you? What was your most valuable conference take-away and what would you like to be addressed next year? 

    Meg Dunn
    Fort Collins CO

  • 2.  RE: Past Forward 2018 Thoughts

    Posted 11-20-2018 15:12
    Thanks, Meg! It was great actually meeting you in person at PastForward too!
    Looking forward to hearing the responses -- I'll compile the what you want to see for next year's conference and share with my colleagues (we're already planning for Denver!) The Call for Ideas and post conference survey are available at PASTFORWARD.
    AND ... the TrustLive Intangible Heritage (along w other TrustLives) will be available soon on our YouTube channel. I'll share w. everyone on Connect once they're posted.

    Colleen Danz
    Forum Marketing Manager
    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Washington DC