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    Posted 12-19-2018 10:39
    A tool we used in Flagstaff was to create a local design review overlay for a historic neighborhood (the the state laws changed so to do more will be a huge lift).  This allowed us to set standards for ADUs, height-mass-bulk-scale for additions and redevelopment, yards, trees, etc.  The standards have been successful in allowing for incremental change that fits the neighborhood's historic character.  ADUs are basically slightly larger than a 1920s garage.  One thing our zoning code has right is that if a property has an ADU one of the dwellings must be owner-occupied.   

    In the part of the neighborhood that could not be included in the overlay a developer has so far replaced 5 small historic homes with new single-family homes as large and tall as the code will allow and that sell for 520,000-580,000.  

    Duffie Westheimer

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    Posted 12-28-2018 09:49
    Duffie, it looks like this post was disconnected from the other thread, but I'm glad I came across it. I'm happy to see Flagstaff also has the requirement for owner-occupation on properties with ADUs. Minneapolis also allows ADUs with owner-occupation of either the primary residence or the ADU for the entire calendar year. I am not aware of whether ADUs have been built on any of our locally designated historic properties (or on non-designated historic properties, for that matter). Many of the local concerns with Minneapolis 2040 were based on its allowance for four-plexes (now triplexes) in lieu of single-family zoning throughout the City. Owner occupation of at least one unit may discourage developers from doing teardowns for rental housing. However, without the local design review overlay, demolitions are still possible. It will be interesting to see how everything shakes out in the coming years.

    Barbara Howard
    Minneapolis MN