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Pictured, the Fixer-upper Supper Club (Summer 2019), one example of programming produced by Brick + Beam Detroit that aims to deepen community around home repair, with King Street neighbors, featuring resident Reshounn Sun Foster sharing her story. |  Credit:  Brick + Beam Detroit. 

Racism in Property Ownership Workshop Series, Detroit, Michigan 

Brick + Beam Detroit, an organization that promotes fixer-upper homes as a pathway to homeownership, was awarded $5,000 from the Michigan Preservation Fund of the National Trust Preservation Fund for the development of a workshop series exploring the impact of racism on property ownership in Detroit. The workshop will consist of a four-part education series about historic policies, such as redlining, urban renewal, lending patterns, and deed restrictions, that are still creating barriers to home ownership for African Americans today. The workshop will target new and future homeowners and real estate professionals with the goal of creating awareness of racist policies and promoting change within this majority African American city.