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By Rebecca Bice posted 03-07-2018 15:29


With more than 2,400 users and close to 700 discussions to date, Preservation Leadership Forum’s online community, Forum Connect, is having a banner first year. Have you connected yet?

Forum Connect is a free online networking tool that enables preservation professionals to create profiles (similar to those on LinkedIn), write discussion posts, send private messages to their contacts, and more.

Let’s take a dive into some of the most popular posts on Forum Connect—examples of how you could be using this great community to save places.

Forum Connect provides you with a virtual way to engage with preservationists across the country. | Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation

Quick Questions

The most common way we members using Forum Connect is by tossing a specific question out to the group to further a project they’re working on. Some of our most popular discussions touch on historic district signage, endangered places programs, and soliciting public input on digital photographs. Need some feedback from the preservation world? The sky’s the limit!

Theoretical Discussions

Forum Connect also generates a good deal of high-level discussion, like this conversation about whether “preservation” should be included in an organization’s name or this fascinating exchange about whether historic preservation is a movement—and about how it can contribute to social justice.

Preservation Education

Forum Connect is a fantastic tool for students. There’s the big winner—it’s free! And it connects emerging preservationists with those with more experience. Our young users have started thoughtful conversations about their education experiences: from suggestions for graduate degree programs to brainstorming how to continue expanding preservation education

Fun and Pop Culture

Networking doesn’t have to be all business, and Forum Connect isn’t either! Sometimes it’s just great to share your passion with someone else. Check out these posts where users share their favorite films that touch on preservation issues and the podcasts that keep them informed and energized

Forum Connect is open to anyone: preservationist or allied professional, student or retiree, Forum Member or nonmember. Forum’s goal is to help you do your job better—whether because you’re getting tangible input or simply feeling supported by your peers. Let’s make the preservation community stronger together. Get started at

Questions, concerns, and thoughts are always welcome to come to me, your community manager. Contact me at

Rebecca Bice is the associate manager for Forum member engagement at the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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