National Trust Awards $256,342 in Grant Funding to Organizations Nationwide

By Lizzy Barringer posted 01-21-2021 17:31


The National Trust Preservation Fund, the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s small dollar grant program, offers a timely look at issues preservation organizations are tackling across the country. Applications to the fund’s October 2020 grant round reflected the impact that the pandemic and recent social justice issues are having on the field and on the work that organizations are choosing to do. More than sixty percent of all awarded grant projects had a focus on diversity, equality, inclusion or accessibility either through an increased focus on telling the full American story through preservation work, or efforts to increase organizational competencies around DEIA issues. Organizations continue to find creative ways to reach their audiences in virtual settings, while also looking ahead to a time when public events will resume.

In the October round, the National Trust received 93 eligible applications and ultimately awarded a total of $256,342 in grants to 49 organizations in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Read more about these projects below, and learn how you can apply to our upcoming February 1 grant round here and sign up for email reminders about our grant programs.

October 2020 National Trust Preservation Fund Grant Recipients

Pride of Atmore | Atmore, Alabama
$5,000 to cover consultant fees to help list the Strand Theatre and Atmore Hardware Store on the Alabama State and Federal Historic Registries for Historic Buildings.

Miles College | Fairfield, Alabama
$5,000 to support educational programming about the significance of Williams Hall, the Miles Memorial College Historic District, and the Williams Hall Restoration Project.

Klein Arts & Culture | Harpersville, Alabama
$5,000 to hire a fundraising consultant to raise funds to support arts, education, and social justice programming at the Wallace-Klein House, a historic antebellum home and former plantation.

University of Southern California Pacific Asia Museum | Pasadena, California
$5,000 to support a two-part forum to identify the vision for the museum’s programming of the historic courtyard, which will be incorporated into the courtyard restoration and rehabilitation plan.

Museum of Riverside | Riverside, California
$5,000 for the creation of a long-term interdisciplinary, multi-media exhibition in Robinson House, which is the interpretive center for the National Historic Landmark Harada House.

Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation | Santa Barbara, California
$5,000 to complete structural engineering plans and permitting for the Cota-Knox House.

Hollywood Heritage | Hollywood, California
$5,000 to revise and digitize with an interactive app a 1994 activity guide for kids titled Greetings from Hollywood that was created for the community to learn and explore Hollywood Boulevard.

Colorado Historical Foundation | Boggsville, Colorado
$10,000 to support preservation of the Boggsville Historic Site, including window restoration at the Bogg's House and roof replacement at the Prower's House.

Historic Fraser, Inc. | Fraser, Colorado
$5,000 to support Phase II restoration work on the Stagecoach Hotel, including reconstructing the lower level with its original materials and tarping for the winter.

Colorado Springs Child Nursery Centers Inc. DBA Early Connections Learning Centers | Colorado Springs, Colorado
$10,000 for window restoration at the Colorado Springs Day Nursery, a nearly 100-year old nursery that has maintained its original use.

Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs | Dover, Delaware
$5,000 to create a learning experience for University of Delaware landscape architecture students who will create development drawings for an area of reflection to be incorporated into the master plan of the John Dickinson Plantation.

Georgetown Heritage | Washington, D.C.
$5,000 to develop a four-part virtual speaker series about the racial history of the Georgetown neighborhood.

DC Preservation League | Washington, D.C.
$5,000 to implement Phase II of work required to expand the boundaries of the Anacostia Historic District.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation | Washington, D.C.
$5,000 to support the publication and distribution of the What’s Out There D.C. city guide, which will feature important and endangered landscapes in the city.

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League | Shell Bluff, Georgia
$3,500 to prepare a historic structure report to guide planning of the relocation of the Mary Utley Center to Shell Bluff, GA after its original location in Hyde Park became the subject of an EPA Brownfield location.

Lahaina Restoration Foundation | Lahaina, Hawaii
$2,500 to hire a consultant to complete a building assessment of the stone and coral block Baldwin Home, built in 1835.

Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center | Honolulu, Hawaii
$5,000 to hire a fundraising consultant to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of Kanewai Spring, revered in Hawaiian culture for holding the sacred lifegiving water of Kane, one of the four major Hawaiian deities.

Preston's Station Historic District | Belle Plaine, Iowa
$2,000 to hire a preservation architect to develop a master stabilization and rehabilitation plan for Preston’s Station, a historic filling station on Lincoln’s Highway.

City of Winterset/Madison County Historic Preservation Commission | Winterset, Iowa
$2,850 to hire a structural engineer to examine two stone arch vehicle bridges located within Winterset City Park, who will inform their rehabilitation and future-use plan.

Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, Inc. | Louisville, Kentucky
$2,500 to develop a program for Central High School students to study former slave dwelling sites at Riverside and develop an interpretative plan alongside consulting scholars and Riverside staff.

Oxmoor Farm Foundation, Inc. | Louisville, Kentucky
$5,000 to support the restoration and interpretation of four historic slave dwellings on Oxmoor Farm.

The Goodnight Historical Project | Perryville, Kentucky
$3,482 to utilize remote sensing technology and archaeological excavations to find the footprint of the Goodnight House/Field Hospital and unmarked graves at the adjacent Goodnight Cemetery.

Main Street Homer | Homer, Louisiana
$4,409 to hire a preservation architect to produce a structural analysis to proceed with safe preservation and renovation of the historic Pan Am Petroleum Company Historic Filling Station.

Twelfth District, Number Three, Association, Inc. | Many, Louisiana
$5,000 to develop a rendering to compliment a feasibility study for the Sabine High School Revitalization Project.

Historic Annapolis | Annapolis, Maryland
$5,000 to hire a consultant to write a Diversity Action Plan for the organization, including internal and external assessments and recommendations in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Museum of African American History | Boston, Massachusetts
$2,500 to produce a booklet for visitors and scholars that contextualizes the three archeological excavations on the Nantucket campus, which unearthed over 80,000 artifacts.

Boston Preservation Alliance, Inc. | Boston, Massachusetts
$10,000 to hire a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility consultant to facilitate organization training, reflection, change, and accountability to further the commitment to diversity and inclusion within Boston's preservation community and beyond.

A Great Day on Tireman,” The Blue Bird with Residents and Community Partners of Detroit Sound Conservancy, Labor Day 2019.
"A Great Day on Tireman,” The Blue Bird with Residents and Community Partners of Detroit Sound Conservancy, Labor Day 2019. | Credit:  Courtesy of Detroit Sound Conservancy”

Detroit Sound Conservancy | Detroit, Michigan
The Detroit Sound Conservancy was awarded $5,000 to support the architectural design for rehabilitation of the Blue Bird Inn, which was built in 1926 and is the last neighborhood jazz club still standing from Detroit’s pre-Motown era of widespread African American musicianship. From 1937 to the late 1990s, the bar’s owners, who came to Detroit from Alabama during the Great Migration, featured jam sessions, swing music, blues, and, after WWII, bebop jazz. In doing so, they created a schoolhouse for African American musicians who would influence global modern music and a community hub for the residents in the West Side area of Detroit.

While the site is currently closed as the Detroit Sound Conservancy fundraises for future preservation plans, they have continued to use the building for meetups, neighborhood cleanup days, and media opportunities. The site remains a point of pride in its community where the residents have endured disinvestment for decades. The Detroit Sound Conservancy’s plans to transform the space into a cross-genre live performance and music heritage center and hope to reestablish a community hub for connection and innovation.

Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects | Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota
$5,000 to support the development of a printed guidebook and an online city guide and database for the What’s Out There Weekend Twin Cities, which will offer free, public tours highlighting both celebrated and unsung landscapes.

United Inner City Services | Kansas City, Missouri
$5,000 to support stabilization and architectural plans in preparation of the rehabilitation of the Sarah Rector Mansion, the former home of “Kansas City’s First Black Woman Millionaire.”

Missouri Main Street Connection, Inc. | Statewide, Missouri
$5,000 to support a passport program that highlights heritage events throughout the state, especially in Missouri Main Street communities, in celebration of the bicentennial of Missouri statehood in 2021.

Isles, Inc. | Trenton, New Jersey
$3,900 to identify historic district boundaries, catalog assets, set design parameters, and prepare for historic designation of the Trenton Historic District Collaborative.

Museum of New Mexico Foundation | Santa Fe, New Mexico
$5,500 to hire a structural engineer to assess the integrity of and develop priority improvements for the Edgar Lee Hewett House, one of two buildings remaining from the Fort Marcy Military Reservation created in 1868.

Buck Leonard Association for Sports & Human Enrichment Inc. | Rocky Mount, North Carolina
$5,000 to support a community collaboration process aimed at remedying ongoing and systemic exclusion from historic planning of the Cross Town neighborhood.

Heritage Ohio | Columbus, Ohio
$3,000 to hire a consultant to provide diversity and inclusion training to the board and staff.

Wallowa History Center | Wallowa, Oregon
$5,000 to develop a site plan for the Bear-Sleds Ranger Station, the only remaining structure associated with the Forest Service within the town of Wallowa.

Creswell Heritage Foundation | Creswell, Oregon
$5,000 to hire a historic preservation architect to create construction documents for interior restoration of the Creswell Old Schoolhouse for community use.

Preservation Pennsylvania | Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
$5,000 to support the organization’s programming during the continued economic crisis brought forth by COVID-19.

St. Mary's Church Portsmouth | Portsmouth, Rhode Island
$5,000 to generate final design documents needed for design selection committee and request for proposals for St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

Ancestors Fingermarks Project | Georgetown, South Carolina
$2,500 to support strategic and board development for the Ancestor's Finger Marks Project, which honors African ancestors by highlighting the fingermarks they left behind in bricks.

Preservation Society of Charleston | Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
$5,000 to hire a consultant to produce a National Register Historic District nomination for the Phillips Community, an intact, historic African American settlement community.

Brownsville Historical Association | Brownsville, Texas
$2,500 to launch an initiative in conjunction with Los Ebanos neighborhood residents for National Register designation of the neighborhood.

River Road Neighborhood Association | San Antonio, Texas
$5,000 to create design guidelines for the River Road Historic District.

Friends of the Texas Historical Commission | Statewide, Texas
$5,000 to support the Preservation Scholars Program, which aims to increase the ethnic and cultural diversity among preservation professionals.

Astrodome Conservancy | Houston, Texas
$15,000 to undertake a public outreach and engagement campaign for a public forum seeking community input for the preservation and future reuse of the Astrodome.

Latinos in Heritage Conservation | Statewide, Texas
$5,000 to support the planning and development of Phase I of the Abuelas Project, a multi-year preservation initiative to collect, curate, and amplify place-based stories.

Friends of Cedar Mesa | San Juan County, Utah
$10,000 to undertake research projects that will inform boundary changes and management practices in anticipation of the restoration and expansion of Bears Ears National Monument.

Manassas Battlefield Trust | Manassas, Virginia
$10,000 to hire a consultant to develop an engineering study and create a stabilization plan for the M.J. Dogan House, which represents the last place within park boundaries that connects the battlefield to stories of women and local citizens.

Exterior view of the Bent Door Cafe along Route 66.
 The Bent Door Café in Adrian, Texas is a great example of the idiosyncratic, “mom & pop” small businesses that flourished on Route 66 during its prime period. Efforts to preserve and restore are the building are ongoing. | Photo Credit: National Park Service, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership | Multiple states on Route 66
The Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership is a coalition of preservationists committed to revitalizing and sustaining Route 66 as a national icon and international destination. Their collaborative partnerships focus on promotion, preservation, research and education, and economic development for the benefit of Route 66 communities, travelers, and businesses and attractions. The organization was awarded a $5,000 grant that will be used to create and distribute an online Route 66 Preservation Tool Kit, designed to increase the accessibility of preservation practices for communities, organizations, and individuals seeking help for historic resources on Route 66. Its engaging design will not only serve to provide basic preservation principles, but also immerse its users in project-specific solutions.

Lizzy Barringer is the associate manager, grants & awards, at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. 


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