Revisit PastForward Online 2021 Workshops

By Forum Online posted 11-22-2021 17:32


Over the past three months—before and after PastForward Online 2021—the National Trust for Historic Preservation hosted a series of two-hour-long workshops as supplements to the conference itself. Each of these sessions are free and open to the public and take a detailed look at some of the bigger issues that preservationists are facing today.

These focused workshops are intended to provide a sense of grounding along with practical useable strategies for the work we do as preservationists. From “Understanding Climate Change” to “Amending National Register Nominations,” the sessions are directed toward a variety of different skill levels and experience.

All five of the sessions are available now in the Forum Webinar Library and on the PastForward Online 2021 site. Click on the headings below to be taken to the resource page in the Library where there are additional links and documents in addition to the recordings of the sessions themselves.

Note: In addition to these workshops, there are limited conference sessions and events open to the public. The full list of free events is available here.

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Amending National Register Nominations

National Register nominations are not set in stone; they can be amended to add new criteria and new areas of significance. Learn how to amend existing National Register nominations to address untold stories and underrepresented communities from colleagues at the National Park Service and multiple State Historic Preservation Offices. Discover what information is needed, and hear several examples of successful amendments. Developed in partnership with the National Park Service.

Replacement Windows for Historic Buildings: Managing Compromise When Perfection Is Out of Reach

Saving and repairing a historic window is the obvious starting point for preserving the character and integrity of a historic building. But it may not always be reasonable, and increasingly often the historic windows are long gone. This workshop looks at how to approach replacement when it is needed. Careful observation of a window in all of its parts is key to managing the compromise that is inevitable when using modern manufactured products. This session considers different levels of replacement and the effect of the materials used. By focusing on how we see a window, we can determine what aspects are most critical for conveying an appropriate historic character and choose the best replacement for each unique application. Developed in partnership with the National Park Service.

An Introduction to Preservation Law + Easements

Join members of the National Trust’s Law Division for an introduction to the legal mechanisms used to protect historic resources, including constitutional issues related to governmental regulation of historic properties, preservation easements, and federal, state, and local historic preservation laws. This session provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to effectively advocate for and champion key preservation issues.

Understanding Climate Change

Are you eager to tackle climate issues but not sure where to start? This workshop provides clarity of definitions and terminology, describes climate concepts, and outlines various strategies to address the impacts of climate on heritage. National organizations and subject matter experts provide attendees a basic understanding of the role of cultural resources in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and specific resources and guidelines to begin climate work. Developed in partnership with the National Park Service.

Just Do It! Grassroots Advocacy for Preservation

Grassroots advocacy is changing the face of American politics and the direction of policy. Learn how stories, documentation, and outreach can be turned into action plans for preservation. Hear grassroots leaders share how they used unconventional tools and government funding to protect valuable community resources. Be inspired by their experiences to jump into action to advocate for your community.