Forum Journal: Heritage in the Landscape

By Forum Online posted 07-25-2019 16:12


The latest issue of Forum Journal examines the history, issues, and current conversations surrounding the preservation of cultural landscapes. In her introductory piece on cultural landscapes and the National Register, Barbara Wyatt explains that there is no single, rigid definition for a cultural landscape, and that in the past, the National Register process accepted varying descriptors, as long as the accompanying narratives included explanations and context.

With that in mind, this issue of the Forum Journal examines landscapes in all shapes and sizes, from large-landscape conservation to the preservation of a garden in California where the landscape has become an integral part its significance. Also essential to this conversation is a consideration of human impact on the landscape – and how that affects and intersects with traditional practices in Hawaii and at the Grand Canyon.

As you read this issue, we encourage you to discuss your experiences with cultural landscapes on our networking platform, Forum Connect. What have you encountered in your practice as you engage with cultural landscapes? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, and how have you worked to resolve those issues?  

Table of Contents

  • Cultural Landscapes and the National Register by Barbara Wyatt
  • Large-Landscape Conservation: A New Frontier for Cultural Heritage by Brenda Barrett
  • Honoring and Preserving Hawaiian Cultural Landscapes by Davianna Pōmaika’I McGregor
  • Stewarding and Activating the Landscape of the Farnsworth House by Scott Mehaffey
  • Tribal Heritage at the Grand Canyon: Protecting a Large Ethnographic Landscape to Sustain Living Traditions by Brian Turner
  • Meshing Conservation and Preservation Goals with the National Register by Elizabeth Durfee Hengen and Jennifer Goodman
  • Adapting to Maintain a Timeless Garden at Filoli by Kara Newport

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