Where Culture Meets Nature: Route 66 and the Landscapes of America

By Forum Online posted 10-12-2018 10:30


The most enduring highway in our public consciousness, Route 66 represents a chapter in our history that continues to define the nation’s identity: the rise of the automobile and its implications of freedom, mobility, and a quintessential American story.

From July 2 to August 3, 2018, National Trust for Historic Preservation staff Diana Tisue, Grant Stevens, and Jason Clement traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles with a handful of roadies, uncovering new stories and meeting the diverse people who live along the historic route.

View of Route 66 in Oklahoma | Credit: Jonathan Sharp

Crossing a wide swath of states, Route 66 provides many examples of the intersection between cultural and natural resources, and its significance in the American consciousness is connected to the ways in which those driving across the country experienced and interacted with the ever-changing terrain and landscape. This is just one example of the culture-nature journey that we will investigate in depth during PastForward 2018, November 13–16 in San Francisco.

To further explore that connection, we asked Diana Tisue and Grant Stevens about the relationship between culture and nature they observed as they traveled the open road.

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