Digging Through the Archives: How We Have Celebrated the National Historic Preservation Act

By Forum Online posted 05-05-2017 13:21


Cover_smallforweb.jpgIn the introduction to the fall 2016/winter 2017 issue of the Forum Journal, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Tom Mayes notes that “the NHPA made a profound difference in the lives of all Americans. Yet, just as Americans are largely unaware from day to day that they breathe clean air as a result of the Clean Air Act, they are also often unaware of the ways in which their lives are better because of the historic places saved by the NHPA.”

While many Americans may remain unaware of the NHPA’s impact, historic preservationists have been examining and re-examining its role in cultural heritage protection at every stage of its lifespan. In the 50th anniversary issue, we included five of those retrospectives as takeaways. These documents, linked below, reflect the breadth of the NHPA’s impact and provide a broader context for the protections it affords.

10th Anniversary, 1976

 20th Anniversary, 1986

30th Anniversary, 1996

40th Anniversary, 2006

For more on the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, read the latest issue of Forum Journal—it will only be available to the general public for two more weeks before becoming accessible only to Forum members.

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